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Student Life Office

Every Pioneer should have the best opportunities in and out of the classroom. The Student Life Office ensures that our community is inclusive, safe and nurturing. We engage and enlighten students outside of the classroom through weekend activities, student clubs and extracurricular opportunities, knowing that a well-rounded and healthy student has the greatest path to their fullest potential.

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Students work closely with a faculty advisor throughout their time at WRA. Advisors serve as mentors to students. They are the primary contact between the school and parents for their advisees. They facilitate the transition into the WRA experience, helping to clarify the goals and expectations of the school, and continue to play an active role in the student's academic, social, residential, extracurricular activities and daily life.


With nearly 80 percent of our faculty living on campus, WRA teachers are the heart and soul of our community. They are mentors and advocates for our students, offering after-hours support to students in and out of the classroom. Faculty members also serve as advisors, dorm heads and coaches, giving students the chance to form meaningful connections with their instructors.

Academic Support Specialists

Academic support specialists work in The Academic Center (TAC). TAC provides an additional support system for our students. It is a place where students receive individualized attention to focus on developing or enhancing specific skill sets. You can learn more about The Academic Center here.

College Counselors

Our college counselors believe that applying to college should be a positive and insightful experience. The College Counseling Office is here to help students discover the top colleges and universities that fit their values, skills and goals. We guide them through the process every step of the way. Visit our College Counseling Office page to learn more.

Dorm Faculty

Each night there is a designated faculty member on duty in the dorm. This is either the dorm head, dorm resident or a member of the faculty. When on duty, the dorm faculty provides a listening ear, gives extra help and support, plays games, maintains study and quiet hours and ensures safety to our students.


Student Prefects are upperclassmen and upperclasswomen who have shown leadership potential, good character and the ability to empathize among their peers. Reserve has both day student and boarding student prefects that are chosen through an application process. Prefects are role models on campus for others and provide another opportunity for support and leadership.

Health Services

WRA is one of only a handful of boarding schools with medical help available 24/7. Our entire community of faculty, advisors, dorm heads and school health nurses, mental health professionals, athletic trainers and our board certified pediatrician work together to make sure every student feels healthy, balanced and supported. Read more about Health Services.

Students, parents, and faculty can email the the health center at

Counseling Services

Our counselors are available for scheduled, walk-in and urgent appointments and walk-ins as well. We know that living away from home can be a challenge and we are here to offer our licensed support for a variety of issues and concerns including homesickness, depression, anxiety, relationship/family issues, stress management, substance use and eating issues. Short-term outpatient treatment is provided at no cost. School counselors also coordinate with health providers and academic support services, consult with faculty and administrators and contribute to the emotional health and well-being of the school as a whole. Read more about Counseling Services.

Students, parents, and faculty can email our counselors at

Campus Safety

WRA’s safety team works 24/7 to ensure campus safety. They work with all members of the community to ensure that our campus is a safe and secure environment for our students and faculty. Our safety team is responsible for all emergency response systems and will work with local first responders in the event of an emergency.

Every one of our students has a success story to tell. We can't wait to tell yours.

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