Learning through movement

The WRA dance program is dedicated to providing varieties of formal training and ample performance opportunities for students of all levels. A goal of the program is to develop and enhance the mind-body connection as we believe dance challenges and mind and body to work differently.

Dance gives students the opportunity to use their body in a different way, to experience movement through technique and creativity.

- Emily L. Barth, Chair of the Fine and Performing Arts

Ms. Barth focuses her instruction on ballet, modern and jazz technique, but she openly incorporates other forms into the curriculum as well. The dance students have two mandatory performances per year. The performances take place during the fall and spring.


  • Spacious, barre- and mirror-lined studio with customized wood springboard floor
  • 400-seat fully equipped theater
  • State-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment
  • Opportunities for students to take master classes and attend professional performances
  • Opportunity for selected students to create and perform choreography for the second performance of the year