It’s time to think big. To blaze new trails. To be transformed into the citizen of the future. Worldly. Well-rounded. Socially conscious. Culturally diverse. Independent. That’s what it means to be a Pioneer – to grow, to learn, to give and to evolve. Being a Pioneer also means being immersed in our community and united by traditions that are Uniquely Reserve.

Student Life at Reserve means leading, dreaming and finding new adventures. It involves everything you do here. Like pursuing your passions in clubs, through leadership opportunities, during weekend activities and as part of daily community gatherings. Student Life also is your avenue to peace and balance...quiet time in the library, dance parties in the dorm with friends, walks to downtown Hudson to the coffee shop or yoga studio, hikes in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Our Student Life Office is at the center of it all, your guide to the abundant opportunities at WRA that make you happy, and make us a family.

"The sense of community at WRA is unmistakable and makes the school truly feel like home. I know that the relationships I have made at WRA with not only my peers, but with my advisor and teachers as well, will last far beyond my Reserve days. The encouragement and support I have received at WRA has helped me to achieve many of my goals so far and will continue to impact my future."
-Julia '17
"When I woke up for my first day at Reserve, I was not nervous, I was not anxious, I was excited, calm, and proud putting on my Reserve Green and heading out of my house for my first day of freshman year. As the days went by, I realized that is exactly how Reserve makes you feel--comfortable. From the continuous "hi, how are you", to holding doors open for those behind you, to saying hello to everyone that walks by you, this school makes you feel welcome from the second you arrive."
- Paige '15

The Boarding School Advantage

Boarding gives you the chance to try new things, build amazing friendships, challenge yourself, gain independence, figure out what inspires you and discover all you can achieve when given the opportunity. If you are a day student considering WRA, you receive all the benefits of our community and culture as part of your school experience.

Learn what students, parents and advisors have to say about their journey with boarding.

Discover what's beyond a traditional high school. Discover opportunity, preparation and excitement. Discover boarding.

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Boarding parent Kara explains the boarding advantage of knowing your own strengths.

Advisor Tim discusses the advantage of boarding school.

Every one of our students has a success story to tell. We can't wait to tell yours.

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