Just a few short weeks ago, freshmen, sophomores and juniors cast their votes in the annual election of Student Body Co-Presidents.

The final candidates took turns addressing the WRA community from the Chapel podium at an April Morning Meeting. Each candidate prepared short statements and fielded questions about how he or she would lead the student body, and votes were then collected and tallied according to the ranked choice system of voting.

WRA is excited to announce that the candidates elected to serve as the 2022-2023 Student Body Co-Presidents are Landon Allis '23 and Jordanne Nichols '23.

From academics to athletics, and from community service to class leadership, both Allis and Nichols have been active members of the Class of 2023. Just last year, Landon established the Reserve Sports Network, a student-run organization that provides live coverage, commentary and news surrounding WRA Athletics. He balances this involvement with his many other roles that include being a dorm prefect, Chief Ambassador and member of Student Council.

Nichols, who originally hails from the Chicago area, is a member of the Student Advisory Council and a Pioneer Leader. She was also a key member of the Girls 4x200 relay team that recently broke the school record in the event.

Landon and Jordanne graciously answered a few questions that will help readers get to know them a bit better.

For those who may not know you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Landon: "I am from Ashland, Ohio. I've been at Reserve since freshman year, and have lived in Wood House during my entire time here. In my time at Reserve, I've served three years on Student Council so far, served as a prefect for two years in Wood House, been the Founder and Director of Broadcasting & Communications of Reserve Sports Network, worked as an Intern in the Athletic department since March, served as a Chief Ambassador, acted in three shows, served as a stage manager or tech assistant for five shows, and I play the tuba in band."

Jordanne: "Hi, I'm Jordanne Nichols, from Oswego, Illinois. If you find me on campus, I will usually be in the cancer immunology lab or on the track. However, outside of what I do at school, I love to hang out with my friends, scour Pinterest for fashion inspo, and listen to music – I think I have the best music taste."

What was your platform while running for this position?

Landon: "My platform when running was really on strengthening our sense of community little by little. I acknowledged in my speech that this isn't something that we can do overnight, but something that we do day-by-day."

Jordanne: "While at Reserve, I have tried to immerse myself in leadership by serving as a Pioneer Leader, SAC member, a Chief Ambassador, and one of the BSU leaders because I prioritize having a voice in the way the school runs. This is what prompted me to run for Student Body Co-President; all in all, I am just another student at Reserve that wanted to be able to implement change."

What are you most looking forward to as Student Body Co-President?

Landon: "I'm really looking forward to representing everyone. For the past three years, I've represented my class, but I'm excited about the challenge and adventure that will be representing 400+ people."

Jordanne: "I am most looking forward to being able to help students transition to boarding school easier and enjoy their time while at Reserve. Whether a student is here for one year or all four, I want to make it so that they can look back on their high school experience and wholeheartedly say they enjoyed it and see the positivity that it brought to their lives. Of course, academic rigor, athletic prowess, and community service are all things to focus on, but stress-free and unconditional fun should be also at the center of that, too. And that, ultimately, is what I most want to promote while I am in this position."

What are your hopes and wishes for your senior year? What changes and priorities are most important to you?

Landon: "I'm really just hoping to have a fun year and continue to do the things that I love. Student Council, RSN, theater and being everywhere all the time are still on my radar of course. The biggest change that I'm looking forward to, myself, is experiencing dorm life outside of Wood House. I've lived with the new kids my entire time here, so living with all the "Reserve veterans" will be a different lifestyle for me."

Jordanne: "For my senior year, I want to uplift the genuine concerns and desires of the students... Using this platform, I want to increase transparency and open up the student council as more than just a pinnacle of leadership, but a group implementing necessary change. Consequently, I want Reserve to be a school for open communication, inclusive promotion and a standard of tolerance."