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Learn the ins and outs of boarding

Are you looking for more from school? More friendships with more diverse people? More independence? More opportunities to participate in athletics, academics, the arts or whatever drives you? You belong at Reserve.

For centuries, boarding schools have offered a special brand of school characterized by 24/7 friendships, a strong sense of community, inclusive sports and activities, a commitment to tradition and trailblazing, excellence and self-advocacy. But there are uniquely modern motivations for boarding, too.

Consider the all-inclusiveness of boarding school, where everything is in one place — teachers, friends, classes, athletic facilities, performing spaces and galleries. After-school activities mean a simple walk across campus instead of a hurried drive around town. A teacher’s help after school comes in the form of a conversation, not an email. Global connections are made face to face, not digitally. Living where you learn means being enveloped in opportunity.

Hear what our students have to say.

Boarding at WRA is special for so many reasons. But when we ask our students why the school stands out, the most common answer is simple: Reserve is just nicer. While the campus is beautiful, the people are also kind, welcoming and compassionate. We have special traditions unique to our school that connect us with our history and unite us as a family and community today.

What are the dorms like at WRA?

We have ten beautiful dorms on our campus which sits in the middle of safe and charming Hudson, Ohio. One of the best things about our dorms is their different vibes – from a boutique feel to historic, homey or modern. Take a look. Your dorm head is a faculty member, always there to help and guide you.

Where do I eat?

The historic charm of our dining hall is the backdrop for a progressive and expert culinary team. Our dining staff knows students' allergies and dietary restrictions and they take care to prepare global cuisine so our international students can have a taste from home, as well as comfort food and crowd pleasers. Here’s a sample weekly menu. Downtown Hudson, steps from campus, is also home to an impressive variety of restaurants, a local grocery store and coffee shops.

Will I have a roommate?

Yes! Roommates are determined close to the start of the new school year. New students bond during our back-to-school registration and orientation. You'll learn our school alma mater, receive a warm welcome from our senior class and take part in long standing traditions and fun activities. It's a great time to get to know your classmates and make many future friends!

What if I get sick?

Unlike most schools, WRA has a fully staffed health center where medical help is available 24/7. We are always here for you.

How will I get to know people?

Reserve is a busy place! In addition to our daily community gatherings in the dining hall, on the athletics fields and performance stages and in classrooms, our Student Life Office, faculty and parent organization offer a full activity schedule, such as skiing, school dances, movie runs, and trips to Cleveland’s cultural attractions and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. More than 60 student clubs and organizations invite you to follow your interest and passions – from fashion and film to building robots and a Rubik’s Cube competition!

What is it like to be a day student at a boarding school?

Our Dean of Student Affairs says it is almost impossible to distinguish our boarders from our day students because we are all one close community. Day students follow the same schedule as boarders, with many staying on campus from breakfast through night time study hours. One of the biggest benefits for local day students is learning in a truly global setting with friends from around the country and the world.

Every one of our students has a success story to tell. We can't wait to tell yours.

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