The Post-Graduate Year at WRA

Are you looking to gain an extra year of academic or athletic experience before college?

COVID-19 has changed so much about the world, not to mention the typical college path and considerations for high school seniors and student-athletes. A wonderful opportunity to regain a “lost season” or extend a high school career for one year to further prepare for college is consideration of a post-graduate year.

Post-graduates at WRA are an important part of our community. A dedicated program and Dean helps our PGs focus on college admission, recruitment, training for athletes, test scores and life skills. Our commitment to orientation, integration, community building and academic excellence creates a uniquely advantageous bridge to all that lies ahead for this special cadre of students.

In an effort to make a Western Reserve Academy post-graduate experience possible for talented and motivated students, generous need-based financial aid is available, with the potential of covering up to 75% of the cost of tuition.


Josh Y. '21,
Cincinnati, OH

"I chose WRA to ready myself for college. I have made great connections and friendships I will have for life. I was nervous about being away from my family and living in a dorm with people I've never met but those people have become my brothers and biggest support system. This year has been full of surprises and I've been able to accomplish so much having only been here for a little over four months. Deciding to do this PG year has been the best decision I could have made."

Lucy M. '20,
United States naval academy

"I attended Reserve as a post-graduate student for the United States Naval Academy Foundation. Although my time at Reserve was cut short due to COVID-19, the experiences that I gained were extremely valuable. The extra year in High School helped me improve physically, academically and socially. Without my PG year, I would not have been as prepared for college as I am now. The faculty and students are irreplaceable, as soon as I entered Reserve I was treated as a young adult by all. Reserve was truly my second home, I will always be thankful for this rare opportunity."

PG Curriculum

All PGs are required to take a full course load:

  • PG Experience*
  • One elective course
  • Four core courses tailored to the individual goals of the student. No repeat courses are allowed.

*The PG Experience course is designed with a focus on leadership development, goal setting, recruitment or college guidance, being part of a community, good decision making and much more.

Merit Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • In an effort to make a WRA post-graduate experience possible for talented and motivated students, generous need-based financial aid is available, with the potential of covering up to 75% of the cost of tuition.
  • Learn more about tuition and financial aid here.

Residential Living

  • Our post-graduate year provides a living and learning experience. All PGs are required to live on campus in the same dormitory. This is a critical step in the college transition process and managing independence.
  • PGs are welcome to have a car on campus but must follow proper sign-in and sign-out procedures as directed by the Student Life Office.

High School Transfer and Athletic Eligibility

  • WRA is an independent school and does not compete in the Ohio High School State Athletic Association. Transfer students are immediately eligible for full participation in practices and contests regardless of any state association rules.
  • A PG year cannot make up for a poor high school transcript, but it can help better prepare students for the academic and athletic college experience and extend the opportunity for recruitment.
  • PG athletes are required to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and be aware of any NCAA eligibility issues.

College Guidance

  • WRA has three full-time college counselors. Once you have enrolled, you will be assigned to a college counselor and begin navigating through your individualized college search.
  • WRA will help develop a course schedule that will meet specific requirements and help to maintain four years of NCAA eligibility.
  • The WRA PG program provides leadership and character development skills to prepare students to make a positive impact at WRA, at college, in their careers and in life.

Reasons for a PG Year

  • Extend college planning and prep. Maybe you are still not sure which college is right for you or you weren’t happy with your acceptances. A popular reason for taking a PG year is to work more closely with college counselors to find and gain acceptance to the right college for you.
  • Pursue a passion. Many students choose to embark on a PG year so they can work on a passion project that may not fit in the regular academic core curriculum.
  • Pursue a sport. One of the most common reasons for taking a PG year is to increase physical training and improve chances of being noticed by top college recruiters. This is especially relevant now with NCAA rules changing due to COVID-19. Student-athletes can also use the PG year to expand their skills and talents outside of sports, becoming more well-rounded students.
  • Take more advanced academic courses. Maybe you were not able to take advanced courses because they didn’t fit in your senior curriculum. A PG year is a great opportunity to pursue those advanced classes with more support.
  • Improve grades. Some PGs will choose to take more advanced classes to improve scores or retake a course to receive a better grade, making them more attractive for a competitive college.
  • Prepare for college. By taking a PG year at a boarding school, you will receive greater support from faculty and advisors. PG students will gain knowledge in skills such as time management, school/life balance and social skills, which will prepare them for college and beyond.

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