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Western Reserve Academy is committed to admitting talented and motivated students, regardless of family resources. We believe the cost of education should not deter you from applying. Each year, we award more than $6 million in need-based financial aid. We also offer merit-based scholarships — awards range from up to $50,000 for our boarders and $30,000 for our day students. We are here to help you determine the best options for your family as you consider this very important decision.


2019-2020 Tuition

Day Tuition: $39,600
Boarding Tuition: $60,850


Our tuition includes room and board (for boarding students), food, athletic fees, laboratory equipment and material, admission to athletic contests and weekend activities.

Tuition does not cover health insurance (if needed), books, uniform, computer, or laundry.

Payment Plans

Payment Plans

Option 1
This plan allows for payment in two installments as indicated on the WRA enrollment contract.

Option 2
This plan allows for payment in ten monthly installments, interest free, paid directly to Western Reserve Academy.

Merit Scholarships

Merit Scholarships are awarded to our top applicants each year. You do not need to qualify for financial aid to receive a scholarship from Western Reserve Academy. Merit scholarships are designed to provide financial support to outstanding applicants each year, regardless of a family’s ability to qualify for financial aid.

Day student recipients are awarded up to $30,000 in merit scholarship aid while boarding student recipients are awarded up to $50,000 per year.

Students will be selected based on academic performance and accomplishments, contributions to their school/club/communities, strong character and leadership. There is no application process — all students who complete their application for admission by each deadline will be considered: day applications are due Jan. 17, 2020 and boarding applications are due Feb. 14, 2020.

Financial Aid

We encourage families to apply for financial assistance where needed. WRA awards more than $6 million in need-based financial aid to 40 percent of the student body each year. If you are offered admission, WRA puts forth every effort to make education affordable for you.

Need-based financial aid awards are not loans; they are grant awards that do not need to be repaid. WRA's financial aid budget is funded through the school's endowment.

WRA uses the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS), which is created by the School & Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) for determining financial aid awards. Financial aid applications are due at the same time as admission applications:
Day applications - Jan. 17, 2020
Boarding applications - Feb. 14, 2020

Please read below for details about the financial aid application. These resources from SSS are especially helpful for navigating this process: Family Guide to Financial Aid and PFS Workbook.


WRA bases aid decisions on demonstrated need, which is defined as the difference between the amount of money a family can afford to contribute and the cost of tuition. The family's contribution is calculated according to information provided on the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS), which is created by the School & Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS).

To apply, please visit the SSS website and complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) online. SSS opens their application process on October 2.


Deadlines for submission are as follows:

Day Applicants - Due Jan. 17, 2020
Boarding Applicants - Due Feb. 14, 2020

Submit a copy of your 2018 IRS 1040 and all supporting schedules for individuals as well as corporations, small businesses and partnerships, W-2s and 1099s for parents and/or step-parents to SSS for processing.

Please note that our school's SSS code is 8110.

Additionally, copies of your 2019 IRS 1040 and all supporting schedules for individuals as well as corporations, small businesses and partnerships, W-2s and 1099s for parents and/or stepparents need to be submitted to SSS for both day and boarding student applications by Feb. 14, 2020.

Once processed by SSS, the results of your application will be visible to representatives of the WRA Financial Aid Committee. Any information that is provided to WRA will remain confidential. Whenever possible, financial aid decisions will be communicated concurrently with admission decisions.

WRA strongly encourages you to upload your financial documents to SSS. However, documents can be mailed with the required SSS cover sheet, located in the "My Documents" tab in the SSS Family Portal, to: (please allow up to 2 weeks for processing)

Application Processing Center
P.O. Box 449
Randolph, MA 02368-449
(Overnight mail should be sent to 437 Turnpike St. / Canton, MA 02021)


WRA is committed to serving qualified students who are unable to afford full tuition. After a student has been accepted through the admission process, the Financial Aid Committee reviews completed financial aid files. Western Reserve Academy subscribes to the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS), which assesses and helps to determine a family’s need for assistance based on income, assets and reasonable expenses. In addition to using SSS, we require your previous year’s tax returns and all applicable schedules, to help determine the level of need. After determining a manageable family contribution, the committee determines a financial aid award and sends the award along with the admittance packet.


Financial aid need and awards are recalculated every year using up-to-date information. If there is little change in a family’s circumstances, one can expect that grants will be renewed at similar levels plus the yearly tuition increase. If there are significant changes in a family’s situation, adjustments will be made.


Many factors affect award decisions, including a family’s income, assets and the number of children in tuition-charging schools. Qualification for financial aid from WRA can be determined only after a family has completed all the steps in the financial aid application process.


In cases of divorce or separation, WRA requires information from both natural parents and any step-parents. Each parent must complete and submit a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS), the WRA supplemental financial aid form and a copy of their current IRS 1040 and all supporting schedules for individuals as well as corporations, small businesses and partnerships, W2s and 1099s. The family’s ability to contribute is based on both natural parents’ and any stepparent’s income and assets, bearing in mind responsibilities that stepparents may have for their own biological children.


There is limited financial aid available to international families. Families must complete and submit the SSS Form For International Families in order to be considered.

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It’s a personal passion of mine to foster socioeconomic diversity and make sure students from all different types of backgrounds have the opportunity of an independent school education.

— Jenni Biehn, Director of Enrollment Management


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