External Opportunities for Student Distinction

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.” — Will Durant on Aristotle

The intent of curating this opportunities list, which is not exhaustive, acknowledges both the immense talent and promise of WRA students and the increasingly competitive world in which we all live. All of these programs present WRA students with challenges and opportunities to engage with ideas and people beyond WRA's curriculum and personalities. We encourage students to consider thoughtfully their personal and academic goals and to research whether or not one or some of these programs might present them with exciting ways to explore, meet and potentially surpass those goals. Additionally, realizing the summers are opportunities for students to explore particular interests, we have included information about some summer programs that are highly-selective for admission and are often fully-funded for those admitted.

In developing this list, we have considered what external opportunities have value in their pursuit beyond winning. Put differently: in which programs does meaningful learning occur regardless of final achievement? We are confident that the opportunities that follow complement the transformative education that Reserve provides and illustrate that pursuit of excellence, like learning, knows no limits.