Learning for Life

We offer an unrivaled educational experience, one that is illuminated by tradition and sparked by innovation. Our faculty members are passionate about the subjects they teach and responsive to our ever-curious students' desire to know more, more and more. That's why our curriculum is a bit like an academic playground, offering a strong foundational base and building upwards into a diverse, innovative and even playful whirlwind of options.

We believe in the joy of learning, in all of the shapes it takes. There's joy in the epiphany after working through challenging concepts, in experimenting, in breakthroughs, in success after failure, in growth.

Our curriculum embraces this commitment to joyful learning and nourishes our students' curiosity and profound, lifelong love of learning.

Explore Our Academic Departments

From poetry to playwriting to African American Fiction and Shakespeare, WRA aims to fill your brain with words and wonder. We offer dozens of challenging courses and endless opportunities to appreciate, evaluate and create. Courses include Storytelling & Sports, Women in Fiction, Contemporary Native American Voices and more!


Create things. Think the unthinkable. Scribble like your life depends on it. Dance, sing, act, paint, play and perform like no one's watching. Welcome to WRA's Fine & Performing Arts Department, where you can explore courses like Environmental Art, Ceramics, Dance, Choir, Stagecraft and Digital Music Production. Your canvas is blank, and the stage is yours. Unleash your creativity in the arts.


School is solved! We've figured out how to give students real world experience, pursue a passion, serve their communities, master cutting-edge technology in our innovation lab and so much more. From ideation to entrepreneurship, communication and collaboration, WRA presents enrichment at its finest.


The mathematics at WRA is unequaled. The extensive math curriculum encourages creative exploration and curiosity, as well as thinking, reasoning and perceiving mathematical relationships in a meaningful way. We emphasize critical thinking and problem solving, while also encouraging students to ask questions, explore ideas and notice connections.


We offer courses in French, Latin, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. You'll gain foundations in grammar and vocabulary, strength in oral and written communication and make your way to fluency. On top of mastering the language, you'll explore the inner workings of each culture, including politics, art and more. Prepare yourself for a challenging, enriching and rewarding study of foreign language!


What puts the S in Stem? Science! And WRA makes the subject deserving of another couple of S's: Sensational Status. Through challenging courses, students will engage with life and physical science. From a foundation of essential knowledge to laboratory and only-here research experience, students will gain a deep understanding of chemistry, biology, physics and beyond.


By learning about and interpreting historical happenings from around the globe, students will gain an appreciation of the past that will help them develop a greater insight into the vital issues of the next century and beyond. Ninth graders begin their journey with Exploring Global Foundations and by the time they reach senior year, they may find themselves in a course like Women of Color in American History, Arabic and Arab Cultures, CL Civil Rights: Revolutionary War Through Reconstruction and more.


Learning Doesn't Stop When You Leave the Classroom

Here, teaching happens everywhere, and we have developed specific departments and programs to bring enriched opportunities to our Pioneers. Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Office guides our mission to make every student feel at home at Reserve and presents our students with a fountain of opportunities to listen to and learn from one another. Our commitment to Community Outreach & Global Engagement gives our students the chance to lend a hand to others and learn more about the power of their impact and goodwill to others. Our various Travel Opportunities build a bridge from Hudson, Ohio to places as far as South Dakota, Guatemala and China, where learning happens through service, study and immersion.

Learn more about the specialized learning opportunities we offer.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Embracing our values of integrity and compassion.

Community & Global Outreach

Tackling topics of relevance and affecting change.

Travel & Study Abroad Opportunities

Take a trip to destinations such as China, France and Germany.

Every one of our students has a success story to tell. We can't wait to tell yours.

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