A World Ahead: Pioneering Academics

Every student has a story. At WRA, our distinctive academic program ensures that every Pioneer's fullest story can be told. Our renowned curriculum enables students to unlock their unique talents, passions and purpose through unrivaled opportunities for for creativity and innovation. It's an apporach that prepares our students for their next great chapter in an ever-changing world full of promise...a world ahead.

2020-21 Course Descriptions

The WRA Difference
The Reserve Academic Advantage includes these points of distinction:

  • Our independent curriculum, including our move beyond Advanced Placement courses and a daily schedule built for balance
  • Creative courses that invite both a mastery of the fundamentals and a genuine love of learning, including classes not available anywhere else in the country at the high school level, including Cancer Immunology and College Level Microbiology
  • A new interdisciplinary department of Integrated Studies and Design (ISD), supporting every Pioneer in a passion project that distinguishes their academic experience and differentiates them in the college admission process
  • Access to internships with world-renowned research institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University as part of our Beyond Reserve program
  • The Wang Innovation Center, our new 6,000-square-foot innovation space equipped with every state-of-the-art tool to take projects from concept through completion
  • A compassionate and esteemed faculty, 88% who live on campus for around-the-clock access and support
  • A College Counseling Office that takes the time to know every student and their unique strengths while building significant relationships with the country's best colleges
  • Thorough knowledge of opportunities for external distinction (like National Merit designation, Scholastic Writing Awards, publication in scholarly journals) that give our students an edge in the college application process

Academic Vision

Pioneers embrace the unkown with courage and purpose. WRA's independent curriculum inspires college-bound students and catalyzes deeper learning and curiosity. Building on essential knowledge, our students take intellectual and creative risks, seeking to engage meaningfully with the world. Mentored by a talented, dedicated faculty, students develop knowledge, skills and literacies in traditional and modern disciplines, while striving for excellence, exploring intellectual passions and engaging in collaborative and individual inquiry. In a school culture of continuous improvement, WRA students pursue the questions how and why to discover what they will pioneer.


All courses at Western Reserve Academy are college preparatory with the highest level courses being designated as College Level (CL).

In 2017, WRA moved away from Advanced Placement (AP) courses to allow for more flexibility, collaboration and deeper subject exploration. Our independent curriculum allows talented faculty, who are experts in their disciplines, to create distinctive courses that challenge our most motivated and accomplished students.

CL courses require rigorous engagement, hone critical skills and demand increased student ownership of learning. The intellectual discourse in the CL classroom is sophisticated, nuanced, and responsive to a changing world and student curiosity. CL courses provide opportunities to demonstrate depth of understanding through a variety of assessments.

Every one of our students has a success story to tell. We can't wait to tell yours.

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