Joy in the journey and the destination

At Reserve, we know the power of a rigorous world-class curriculum, outstanding faculty and experiential learning opportunities.

Yet, in learning—and in life—we believe there’s a profound multiplier effect: joy. Finding joy in the challenge, in a life of balance and, most importantly, in the journey.

In looking beyond test scores to outcomes, attitude and intention, our groundbreaking approach prepares students to live boldly, pursue their dreams fearlessly and own their future in an ever-changing world.

The Pursuit of a Higher Education

Instead of teaching to the test, we take students deeper across a wider breadth of courses. We've designed an innovative approach of rigorous, creative and experiential learning. Expertly guided by our passionate faculty, students develop a mastery and understanding of a variety of subject.

Beyond AP to College-Level learning.

We've joined other top schools across the nation in replacing Advanced Placement classes with College-Level courses that give students next-level achievement.

Open schedule, focused minds, balanced lives.

Four 75-minute periods provide time for immersion, collaboration and innovation. This also creates an intentional space for homework, hobbies, friends and downtime.

Mindfulness over stress.

Perfectionism creates fear of failure. Balance and joy create fearlessness. In programs and attitude, we promote the celebration of success, self-understanding and time for rejuvenation to help students build resilience and strength of purpose.

parent testimonials

We are pleased to introduce the re-imagined Parent Association of Western Reserve Academy, Parents@WRA.

This merging of our previous groups, Pioneer Women's Association and Dads Club, will bring about a new era of parent engagement to the dynamic WRA community. We strive to be inclusive of ALL parents, and we invite you to consider being involved with our new volunteer organization. We welcome you to enrich the lives of our students simply by being a part of the Reserve family.

Parents@WRA Committees


  • Connections: weekly parent newsletter
  • Networking
  • General Meetings
  • Social Media


  • Budgeting
  • Concessions


  • Parent advisor to Compass Pitch Night
  • Parent Ambassador
  • Annual Fund
  • Athletics Assistance
  • Parent BBQ


  • Monitors and tracks important school traditions
  • Record keeping (Executive Board)


  • Organize in-person and virtual celebratory events:
    • Back to School Bash
    • Homecoming
    • Toys for Tots Cookie Day
    • Exam Week Coffee House
    • Dorm Feeds
    • Bicknell Bonanza
    • Staff Appreciation
    • Send Off to Summer
    • Senior Celebration

the boarding school advantage

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