Parents and Guardians

Our WRA family is enriched and enlivened by our vibrant and supportive caregiver community.

There are plenty of ways to get involved in the WRA family community, whether you're a day student or boarding student family! Find out more about how to participate and be sure to take a look at the special annual events hosted by our Parents@WRA, including the many celebrations they plan to make our Pioneers' time at Reserve extra special!


Parents@WRA is Western Reserve Academy's beloved parent organization. All parents and guardians are automatically members of this organization, and we welcome you to enrich the lives of our students simply by being a part of the Reserve family.

Parents@WRA plans and coordinates a multitude of celebrations and activities for the WRA community. They start the year on a fun note with the Back to School Bash for students in August and they close the year with the Send Off to Summer party. They provide support to our students with Exam Week Coffee House and are responsible for the annual Faculty & Staff Appreciation Breakfast! They do so much, as parents are known to do, and we are grateful for the positivity, love and care they bring to campus.

Parents@WRA has several committees that as a parent you can get involved in. Any role you have on a committee is to support the students at WRA. As a volunteer, you might find yourself working concessions on game night, serving as an ambassador for WRA in partnership with our Admission Office or sweeping into a dorm with a surprise pizza party for the residents! There's no shortage of ways to get involved with Parents@WRA.