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Welcome to Western Reserve Academy

Congratulations on your admission to Western Reserve Academy! We are thrilled to have you join our Pioneer family. Though we regret not being able to host our Revisit Day on campus, we are ready to show you all that this community has to offer. We've created this page where our students shared their insights and perspective in special video interviews, and we have outlined a virtual tour to take you all around campus.

We look forward to bringing you back to Brick Row, but for now, take a look around and let us know if we can answer any questions.

Welcome to Western Reserve Academy, and welcome to your second home!

Our website is our best resource, and we're giving you a map to some of the topics we think you'll find most interesting. Enjoy this tour through our online world, starting with our College Counseling Office and setting off to other popular stops, including our video page, a news article about our Cancer Immunology course and a helpful glossary to keep you in the know on our traditions and lingo.

Let's start with where you'll live!
Explore our 10 dorms on campus, ranging in all shapes and sizes — and get answers to some of your burning questions!

Dig into WRA's Course Catalog!
We offer a suite of courses (from foundational to College Level) to sate the endless curiosities of our students.

Clubs & Leadership
Get Involved in Campus Life!

There are tons of ways to be involved in the community outside of the classroom. Explore our vast array of clubs and leadership opportunities.

Athletic Teams
Join a Team!
Check out all of our athletic offerings! Every new season brings new victories and more reasons to celebrate our athletes!

DowntownLet's Go Grab a Coffee!
Downtown Hudson is just steps from campus. Hit up Open Door Coffee, Dave's Cosmic Subs or grab groceries at Heinen's!

Build a Skateboard!

The opportunities are endless in WRA's Wang Innovation Center. Have an idea? If you can dream it, you can make it.

College Counseling

Higher Education
Our College Counseling Office helps students get ready for the college that opens the door to their dreams — wherever that may be.

Cancer Immunology
Join the Fight Against Cancer!
Study real cancer cells from the Cleveland Clinic, work with software and lab equipment that rivals most institutions and join in the pursuit to eradicate cancer.

CompassChannel Passion into a Project
The Compass course takes your talents and passion beyond the classroom walls, empowering you to create your own project from A to Z.

Brush Up on All Things Reserve!

What's BUFO? Why do we have an event called the Gauntlet? Who is Pioneer Pete? Sometimes it seems as though Reserve has its own language, but our glossary is here to help!

WRAp Newsletter
WRAp Videos

WRA Virtual Revisit Day QuizNow that you've explored the ins and outs of our campus, test your WRA knowledge with this fun "pop-quiz!"
Reserve gear awaits upon completion! :)

Admission Team

Thank you for taking this journey with us! It's been a great pleasure getting to know each of you.
Below, let us know if you have any other questions, we're here to help.

Bring on the Questions!

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