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The summer of 2019 is full of international travel for our Pioneers, including three school trip opportunities — one to China, one to Guatemala through the "Jump the World" program and one to Costa Rica through the long-standing ELISA program.

The China Program takes four students on a trip of a lifetime. This year, Gabriella Yankay, Nathan Beskid, Amie Ly and Nini Wong are traveling to the country to spend one month in China to further master Chinese language, experience its culture and understand its past and present. They will be traveling with Kevin Wu '18

Jump the World is a one-to-one exchange program between students from Western Reserve Academy and students in Guatemala. This summer, Suzannah Sanders-Burdis, Vivien Marmerstein and James Doh from WRA are traveling to Guatemala, where they will live in a homestay, attend classes and become part of a local school community. The trip begins with a week-long community service project. For the next three weeks, students will attend schools alongside their counterpart (brother or sister) in their host families. In the final week, students will have a school vacation and will travel with their host families. They will be traveling with Ms. Thews-Baldridge.

ELISA is the Ellen-Long International Study Abroad program which takes students to a different destination each year giving students an opportunity in every language offered at Reserve the chance to travel. Students enjoy a homestay, study language and travel throughout their time abroad. This year the program is traveling to Costa Rica. Students traveling are Regina Aguilar, Sebastian Fields and Karthik Reddy. This year the students will be studying in San Jose and completing a practicum before traveling to the Nicoya Peninsula. They will be traveling with Julianne Lopez.

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