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The summer of 2018 is full of international travel for our Pioneers, including two inaugural school trip opportunities — one to China and one to Guatemala through the "Jump the World" program.

The China Program takes two students on a trip of a lifetime. This year, Flora Jiang and Madison Lin are traveling to the country to spend one month in China to further master Chinese language, experience its culture and understand its past and present.

Jump the World is a one-to-one exchange program between students from Western Reserve Academy and students in Guatemala. This summer, Ellie Frato-Sweeney, Emerson McReynolds and Timothy Zamarro from WRA are traveling to Guatemala, where they will live in a homestay, attend classes and become part of a local school community. The trip begins with a week-long community service project. For the next three weeks, students will attend schools alongside their counterpart (brother or sister) in their host families. In the final week, students will have a school vacation and will travel with their host families.

**Please know that in regards to the volcanic eruption in Guatemala on Sunday, June 3, all travelers are safe and far from the site of the eruption. Thank you!

Bon Voyage! The WRA ELISA group arrived safe and sound in Nay on May 31, 2018! They will spend the next three weeks enjoying their time in France, attending school and traveling the country..

Be sure to stay up to date on all their adventures by reading their travel blog.

"Nay is a town located in Southern France near the Pyrénées, the mountain splits France and Spain. Even though it is the beginning of summer now, there is still snow on the top of the mountain. One of the French students I met today told me that the mountain completely turned white in the winter when it snowed, and the white scene shortened the distance perception between the mountain and the town. I realize why so many artists create their great artworks in France when I see the beautiful Pyrénées and a sparkling river rapidly flows through Nay" — Stephanie He '20

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