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WRA Hosts Great Lakes Premier Football Camp

On Thursday, June 8, around 240 student-athletes from high schools across Ohio, and even several surrounding states, spent the day participating in the Great Lakes Premier Football Camp. Coaching the athletes were more than 70 college coaches, representing at least 40 different colleges and universities from Maine to Minnesota. The camp is a college showcase, which means the athletes and coaches are able to make connections and interact as a part of the recruiting process, explained Jeff Hildebrand who stepped down as WRA’s head football coach last fall.

Hildebrand started the program here last summer. Since then, he says it has nearly doubled in size. Hildebrand recognized that there was a lack of similar programs in the area, and he thought it provided an excellent opportunity to bring more people to the WRA campus. Hildebrand stressed that it not only allows other players to see our campus, but it gives coaches an idea of our own student-athletes’ backgrounds.

Finally, the camp has another focus that is not football. Hildebrand explained that once the operational costs are covered, the remainder of the money from the admissions fee goes to charity. Specifically, Hildebrand was inspired to work with DEBRA ( Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association) of America which seeks to cure Epidermolysis Bullosa. All in all, the athletes, as encouraged by the coaches, were working hard, and for a good cause.