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Students learn and create during Digital Fabrication Camp

From July 10-14, Director of Information & Education Technology Matt Gerber led the Digital Fabrication Camp through a “tremendous week” in the Center for Technology, Innovation & Creativity. The camp, for students in 4th through 9th grade, explored the digital fabrication process with “numerous opportunities to learn the techniques and machines.”

“The best part of camp was watching the students grow in how they approached the creative process after they began to understand how to use each machine and the techniques. The students were amazing and creative in how they approached each project and fabricated a project for themselves. If you provide the structured agency, they can create amazing projects,” explained Gerber.

During the camp this summer, students were given the opportunity to use a wide variety of machines, exploring a little bit of everything. There are plans to change the format of the camp in the future to include some more camps in specific areas in addition to the more general sessions.

“It was a rewarding experience to work with students and see how excited they were each day to learn, make, create and play in the Center for Technology, Innovation & Creativity,” concluded Gerber.