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SheHoop Midwest Super Showcase takes place at WRA
Photo Courtesy of nyghoopsreport.com

On Saturday, June 24, around 50 girls, including some from the WRA girls basketball team, participated in the SheHoop Midwest Super Showcase. The event was presented in a collaborative effort between SheHoop, CORE Sports Fundamentals & Evaluation Academy, and NYG Hoops, a girls basketball scouting service based in New York. Joining the players in the MAC basketball gym were several college coaches, other scouting services and parents.

Jerome DuVal, Founder, Coach & Trainer of CORE Sports, helped to organize the first SheHoop event with Ourtney Bryant, Founder and Coach of Lady’s 1st Basketball Academy. The goal for this particular event is to provide a “showcase opportunity with national exposure” which intends to “draw the scouts and the coaches to the talent in the [Cleveland] area.”

Joe Fenelon, Director of NYG Hoops, was brought in by SheHoop to help with that exposure. Fenelon has thousand of followers on on his NYG Hoops social media accounts, where he shared extensively about the event. One estimate suggested that the event would reach over 300 college coaches through the scouting services that were present.

Bryant, DuVal and Fenelon all expressed a desire to address what has been described as an under representation and under recruitment of the talented girls in the Cleveland basketball scene, whom DuVal refers to as “hidden gems.”

This camp was a good first step. “I think the event went really well,” Fenelon said, acknowledging that it brought a lot of people together in one gym from different schools and areas around Cleveland.

While 50-some athletes is only a small representation of the total number of players in the area, Fenelon shared an anecdote about a local college coach who was previously unfamiliar with any of the players at the event. Now, he explains, she will have a reason to go out and watch in-season games and follow the players from the camp.

As demonstrated by this event, DuVal says that his organization’s “big thing is partnership and collaboration in order to put the student-athletes first.” CORE Sports’ focus is on basketball fundamentals -- speed, quickness and agility -- but they recognize the importance of joining organizations like NYG Hoops to build exposure for local talent.

Looking ahead, DuVal hopes to expand the program to reach younger middle school athletes while also increasing attendance at the older level. The goal this year was to start small and keep the event affordable so that everyone could get involved.

Fenelon is already looking to the future and hopefully continuing to increase the attendance at the event.

“It was a great success, not just on the court but off the court,” concluded Fenelon.

Pictures from the camp and Fenelon’s coverage can be found on the NYG Hoops Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts and his website.