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Pioneer Cooking Camp hosts families for dinner

After their trip to the West Side Market on June 26, the campers in the Pioneer Cooking Camp spent the rest of the week cooking with Executive Chef Ben Baragry in Ellsworth Dining Hall. They learned how to cook everything from spaghetti and meatballs to eggs and french toast.

“The best part I would say... was just the experience of teaching kids who have a passion to step out of their comfort zones and learn some hands-on stuff in the kitchen,” commented Baragry.

At the end of the week, the campers prepared a meal for their families. On the menu was omelettes, french toast, smoothies and cupcakes!

“Keeping focus on the task at hand and making sure to follow through and listen was a huge part of my experience, so I did my best to convey that to them. Overall, I believe the camp was a huge success in large part because of the kids, bringing their personalities, great attitudes and the type of creativity only a child possesses. I absolutely am looking forward to the following years.”