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Classroom Antics Camp Returns to Campus

This week, the Classroom Antics Tech Camp has returned to Wilson Hall. The classrooms are buzzing (literally) with excitement and the sounds of robots being built by the kids. Students are participating in camps on topics ranging from Lego Robotics to Minecraft Mods, an addition to this summer’s curriculum according to Toby Foote, the program director. Foote, who started the Classroom Antics program in 2007, shared his enthusiasm for being on WRA’s campus, saying “it’s beautiful and the parents love coming here, the instructors love coming here.” He later added that Classroom Antics is looking to expand, both in its offerings but also geographically. While it currently operates in three major cities in Ohio (Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati), they are looking to grow, likely beyond Ohio, and reach even more students with their programs.