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If you're looking for proof of our students' wide variety of interests, look no further than our student clubs and organizations! In our current roster, you'll find more than 40 different options that will suit every passion, including chess, environmentalism, global outreach, journalism, activism, beekeeping, social justice and more!

Take a look at our full and rich list of opportunities to get involved, interact with like-minded peers, try something new and/or take part in something meaningful. And if you're looking for something that's not on this list, there's nothing stopping you from starting something new!

The 2020-2021 Clubs & Organizations

Asian American Club represents those at Western Reserve Academy who identify as Asian American and are passion about their culture, heritage and history. This club works hard to inform the broader student body about past and current challenges facing the community and to shine a spotlight on the Asian American perspective and story. In doing so, they hope to uplift Asian American voices and share their culture at Reserve.
Club Leaders: Natalie Ham '22, Kayla Jiang '22, Sophia Martin '22, Benji Sindell '22
Club Advisor: Ms. Chen

Black Student Union brings our Students of Color together, with special regard to our black students and students of African descent, for connection, discussion and celebration. Their events can include anything from visiting Head of School Suzanne Buck at Pierce House for a fireside chat, curating and leading the Morning Meeting program on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, hosting BSU mixers in the Green Key and more.
Club Leaders: Teliyah Davis '22, Omar White-Evans '22, Jordanne Nichols '23, Ike Nabuife '23
Club Advisor: Ms. Easley

Our Bee Club is for our aspiring apiculturists! Members take care of and produce honey from a small honeybee colony in the campus pollinator garden.
Club Leader: Dominic Jocas '21
Club Advisor: Ms. Anzaldi

BUFO is Reserve's premier fictional magazine! As a part of BUFO, you get to assist in the creation of this highly anticipated publication, as well as other writing initiatives from a special Halloween edition of BUFO to inspiring others to participate in National Novel Writing Month!
Club Leader: Isabella Folio '22
Club Advisor: Mr. Gilbert

Building Bridges focuses on celebrating all the different cultures in our WRA community and around the world. This club will also provide educational resources about different cultures, address prejudices and stereotypes, and work toward the goal of building tolerance in our community and school.
Club Leader: Sumedha Mahesh '23
Club Advisor: Ms. Horgan

Chess Club is exactly like it sounds! A club for anyone who likes and wants to play chess.
Club Leader: Chris Yankay '22
Club Advisor: Mr. Leonard

CSC (Computer Science Club) is dedicated to making advanced coding more accessible to students, as well as introducing coding to those without prior experience in a more friendly, non-complicated way.
Club Leaders: Shin Lee '22, Angela Benzigar '22
Club Advisor: Mr. Mittal

Dance Club is a laid-back space that encourages student choreography. Have fun through dance!
Club Leaders: Isa Mester '22
Club Advisor: Ms. Velbeck

Desi Club represents and celebrates people from across the South Asia diaspora -- though all are welcome to join! Club members plan annual celebrations for festivals such as Diwali and Holi, and they are committed to spreading awareness of Indian traditions and cultures.
Club Leaders: Khushi Chawda '21, Karthik Reddy '21, Gayathri Sanagaram '21, Sanjit Srinivasaiah '21
Club Advisor: Ms. Maseelall and Mr. Mittal

Earth Initiative is focused on coming up with fun and substantial ways to make Reserve more green! Here you'll find ways to create and participate in outside sustainability and eco-friendly efforts.
Club Leaders: Pritam Garcha '22
Club Advisor: Ms. Spano

Faces: Reserve's Political Publication is a student-led effort to bring engaging political discourse to campus. This publication aims to bring humanity into politics, present political topics in a personal way and provide an opportunity for people to share their opinions on social and political events.
Club Leaders: Ela Mody '23 and Elliana Polyak '21
Club Advisor: Dr. Madhi

Fellowship of Reserve Christians aims to give students a safe and comfortable space for exploring or learning more about Christianity, practicing it and diving deeper. The club has partnered with CampusLife of Cleveland schools to find a curriculum for us to follow and have been a part of their CORE Leaders group learning from other Northeast Ohio Private Schools on how to run this group.
Club Leaders: Laila Hensley-Edelman '22, Taylor Harper '22
Club Advisor: Mr. Gerber

Fishing Club is for the avid or burgeoning angler! Join this club to enjoy occasional fishing trips and learn more about the activity.
Club Leaders: AJ Spano '24, TJ Langley '24, Matt Hart '24
Club Advisor: Mr. Buck

Inspired by Ms. Lopez's Global Goals ECHO, Global Goals takes an active interest in the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations. This club also seeks to educate others about this plan, raise awareness on global issues and look for ways to give the WRA the opportunity to make a difference.
Club Leaders: Sophia Shaheen '22, Esmé Cummins '22, Danielle (Muyu) Liu '22
Club Advisor: Ms. Lopez

GSA stands for Gender and Sexuality Alliance, and this student-led organization provides a safe, supportive, welcoming and celebratory environment for LGBTQA+ students, as well as their cisgender, heterosexual allies. GSA hosts events like Cabaret and Broadway Backwards and has sponsored alumni speakers at special Safe Space events.
Club Leaders: Broden Windsor '22, Isabella Bologna '22, René Crocram '22
Club Advisor: Dr. Robinson

The Greater Outdoors Club is all about appreciating nature and the beautiful acreage that surrounds our community.
Club Leaders: Paige Bodnar '22, Jeremiah Biehn '22
Club Advisor: Ms. Allen

Just Dance Club -- it's right in the name! Join this club to dance like no one's watching!
Club Leaders: Teliyah Davis '22, Broden Windsor '22, Mykal Bailey '22, René Crocram '22
Club Advisor: Ms. Anzaldi

Join WRA's Korean Club, where you can share, explore and celebrate Korean culture! The Korean Club is open to the entire student body and aims to introduce Korean traditions, customs and everything from food, clothes, music and history.
Club Leader: Shin Lee '22, Jin Lee '22
Club Advisor: Ms. Lopez

Latino Student Union is open to anyone and everyone! This affinity group aims to educate and involve the WRA community with the diverse and varied Latino culture and backgrounds.
Club Leaders: Jimena Oliva '22, Arthur Johnson '22, Lucas Martinez '22
Club Advisor: Ms. Boesch

Mandarin Club offers WRA students the opportunity to learn more about and celebrate Chinese culture, as well as actively participate in one of the biggest events of the school year. The Lunar New Year Concert is one of the most popular performances and is organized by the Mandarin Club. Any student can perform in honor of one of the festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar.
Club Leaders: Daniel Li '22, Vivian Zhou '23, Alex Tang '22, Diana Yuan '22
Club Advisor: Ms. Judy Chen

Math Club is for the aspiring mathematician (Or casual math fan!) who just can't get enough math problems to solve! Here, you'll participate not only in math competitions both on and off campus but also in non-competitive practice sessions.
Club Leaders: Renee Oh '22, Shin Lee '22
Club Advisor: Mr. Baldridge

Mock Trial allows high school students from all over the country to come together and stimulate a civil or criminal trial with witnesses, plaintiffs and everything in between. Mock Trial is great for students who are looking to learn more about the legal system and gain some great debate and public speaking experience.
Club Leader: Elba Heddesheimer '23, Zach Hart '22
Club Advisor: Dr. Madhi

Model United Nations is for the student who seeks to stay informed as a world citizen, who cares about issues anywhere from the environment to health care, and who wants to explore or further their interests in international relations, global citizenship and more. Each year, Model UN brings like-minded students together to address and solve problems that feel very real and very relevant. This is a great opportunity to learn to be an effective communicator, collaborator, researcher and solution-finder. You'll also have your chance to attend Model UN conferences, which are often held in inviting and interesting cities and on beautiful and historic college campuses.
Club Leaders: Ethan Bauck '22, Paige Bodnar '22, Sumedha Mahesh '23, Jennifer Williams '23, Elba Heddesheimer '23
Club Advisor: Ms. Horgan

Muslim Student Union (MSU) gives the Muslim students of Reserve a designated safe space to discuss, celebrate and cherish important culture and events such as Ramadan and other Islamic holidays. The affinity group is also open to all who wish to learn more about Islam and give support and a listening ear to their Muslim peers.
Club Leaders: Michelle O’Connor '22, Norah Woods '22
Club Advisors: Dr. Madhi, Mr. Morrison

Political Dialogue is for, well, political dialogue! If you're just getting your feet wet in political issues and aren't quite sure yet where you fall -- or if you're comfortable and confident in your views and opinions -- this club gives you the opportunity for lively and civil discussion.
Club Leaders: Brennan Williams '23, Sam Bingaman '21
Club Advisor: Mr. Yankay

Quizbowl Club is for anyone who knows a lot and isn't afraid to show it! WRA's Quizbowl Team competes against other local and national schools in academic trivia, including topics in historic, science, literature, fine arts, geography, philosophy, mythology and more. In previous years, the Quizbowl Team has advanced to compete at the national level, most recently in May 2020 for the Small School National Championship Tournament in Chicago.
Club Leaders: Alex Shi '22, Isabella Folio '22, Jacob Coblentz '22
Club Advisors: Mr. Jeff Namiotka

REACH stands for Reserve Ethically Advancing Community Health, and this group is committed to special acts of service. They are responsible for events such as our annual WRA Toys for Tots and Candy Drive, where community members are charged with donating new, unwrapped toys and purchase candy canes to buy additional toys for donation. Each year, students compete by grade to purchase the most candy canes and are treated to a delicious Cookie and Hot Chocolate Receptions. This is just one example of how REACH gives our community the chance to give back and show compassion through service.
Club Leaders: Renee Oh '22, David King '22
Club Advisor: Ms. Boesch

Reserve Locker is Reserve's only fashion-focused magazine. By participating in this club, you will join a cadre of individuals who share your appreciation for fashion, regardless of gender, culture or time period, culminating in special written reviews and commentary.
Club Leaders: Jin Lee '22, Shin Lee '22
Club Advisor: Mr. Namiotka

Fun fact: The Reserve Record is the longest continuously-running newspaper in historic Hudson, Ohio! The Reserve Record staff publishes new issues of the newspaper roughly once per month. Any student can attend a writers' meeting to sign up for articles which, once written, are edited by page editors and laid out for final review by club leaders before getting sent off for printing. This is an excellent opportunity to dabble in journalism and news writing.
Club Leaders: Isabella Folio '22, Annie Cui '22, Hannah Ma '22
Club Advisor: Mr. Morrison

Reserve social club is a club designed for students to meet other students through activities and icebreakers. Give a chance for students who didn't properly meet a lot of people during preseason for various reasons to make new friends.
Club Leaders: James Baek '22, Daniel Li '22
Club Advisor: Ms. Anzaldi

Rubik’s Cube Club will teach you to solve the colorful puzzle (setting you up to potentially impress people for the rest of your life) and give you the chance to organize and compete in speed events.
Club Leaders: Carl Zhang '21, Daniel Li '22
Club Advisor: Dr. Aguilar

Science Club organizes different science and STEM-related activities and competitions in and out of school. As you may suspect, Science Club is for science fans -- no matter what discipline you gravitate toward!
Club Leader: Renee Oh '22
Club Advisor: Ms. Boesch

Spanish Club dives into the Spanish language and culture, with special events planned through the year to provide opportunities for culture celebration, education and immersion. And you don't need to know Spanish to join!
Club Leaders: Suzannah Sanders Burdis '21, Alex Bayliss '21, Jimena Oliva '22
Club Advisor: Ms. Lopez

Spikeball Club is just about playing the game of spikeball! New to the game? Seasoned spikeball enthusiast? All are welcome to join and play.
Club Leaders: Chris Yankay '22, James Baek '22
Club Advisor: Mr. Leonard

Students Demand Action mobilizes Pioneers to learn more and take part in the effort to end gun violence. Here you'll find opportunity to offer personal input and thought about the topic of gun control and to take action where possible.
Club Leaders: Ela Mody '23, Jenny Williams '23
Club Advisor: Dr. Robinson

Students Who Care is a small but dedicated group of students whose goal is to raise campus morale and spread awareness about mental illness and stress, particularly as it affects those at Reserve. This group works hard to destigmatize mental health related issues and to provide students with the tools and resources they need to educate themselves and to practice mindfulness.
Club Leaders: Mira Zamarro' 24
Club Advisor: Ms. Closen

Viewpoints is WRA's nonfiction literary magazine. This annual publication includes personal essays, surveys and artwork all created and submitted by our WRA community! Join Viewpoints to learn more about what it takes to put together a nonfiction literary collection, to work as a team to create a cohesive and compelling publication and to inspire others to submit their work for this highly anticipated magazine.
Club Advisors: Ms. Bunt, Mr. Campbell and Ms. Raymaley-Hoffman

Virtual Food Exists is one way to stay connected to our virtual-learners -- or Pio-fars, as we call them -- through everyone's shared love of food. This club provides a gateway to sharing recipes and meals from wherever you hail and even its cultural relevance and historical context if you so choose, giving opportunity to learn more from each other and celebrate diversity. This club has all the ingredients to help others make connections, learn more from others and leave feeling full of new knowledge and understanding.
Club Leader: Selma Wu '21
Club Advisor: Dr. Beth Pethel

The WRAP is WRA's late-night talk show where students can write skirts, rehearse and perform them for the WRA community.
Club Leaders: Jillian Reef '21, Landon Allis '23, Lauren Dempsey '21, Carter Frato-Sweeney '22
Club Advisor: Ms. Ong

Yearbook/Hardscrabble puts together our robust and highly anticipated school yearbook. We've called it our Hardscrabble ever since the first school edition (published in the 1941-42 school year) bore the word down its front cover. Throughout the school year, this club works hard on this publication, documenting school activity, celebrating the victories and memorable pastimes, and creating a cherished keepsake for our departing students.
Club Leaders: Sophia Shaheen '22
Club Advisor: Mr. Morrison

Young Democrats is more than a place to discuss the political climate and current events -- it is also focused on increasing voter turnout of young people and sharing information to help them make informed decisions.
Club Leaders: Aja Topps-Harjo '21, Dominic Jocas '21, Elizabeth Krapf '21
Club Advisor: Ms. Horgan

Young Republicans is committed to the advocacy of free speech and diversity of thought, to exploring every side of issues and to encouraging a constructive political culture on campus.
Club Leaders: Ethan Bauck '22, Zach Hart '22
Club Advisor: Mr. Rich Hoffman

Every one of our students has a success story to tell. We can't wait to tell yours.

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