Boarding Student Takeovers

You can learn more about being a boarding student at Reserve by following our #wratakeovers on Instagram, where students share posts about their day. Here are a few examples.


Meet Noah

Good Morning! My name is Noah and I am a sophomore boarder from Hiram, OH. I play soccer, basketball, and baseball, but my favorite thing to do on campus is definitely ultimate frisbee. I am also an actor in the spring play, The Importance of Being Earnest.

Morning A+ Period

The A+ period is a great time to get some work done! My roommate, Farris '20, and I love bonding over video games and sweet tea from the campus bookstore.

Second Period

Second period is Honors Chemistry with Mr. BB. My favorite aspect of his class is how he allows us to make bad Chemistry puns, but only periodically. We will be reviewing for a test soon, and after that it's off to lunch!

Lunch Time

Lunch today was Chicken Alfredo, Garlic Breadsticks, and Pound Cake with Whipped Cream! With all the different options that the dining hall provides, its's hard not to be satisfied. After lunch I have a free period so I'll be able to relax in my room and get some work done.

Last Class

My last class of the day was choir with Ms. Karam. We sang songs by the Beatles. Stay tuned for spring play updates later tonight.

Play Time

It's Tech Week for the play! This Friday we will have our first show in front of our classmates and family. This photo was taken right before we changed into our real costumes.


Meet Delia

Good morning Pioneers! Hello! My name is Delia and I am a freshmen here at WRA. I'm a boarder from Fredericksburg, Virginia. Hop on and ride with me around my daily boarding school life.

Morning Period

I started off my morning with choir. We are singing Wasail in preparation for madrigal Feast. The joyful voices were a great way to start off the morning.

Between Classes

Even on snowy school days we find a way to have fun!

Free Time

I had some free time to talk with my classmates, while I was heading to math class! There's always time in between classes to catch up on homework and hang with friends.


All classrooms are designed for students to connect with their teachers and hands on activities are planned to help make learning fun. As students, we are lucky enough to have light microscopes in all biology rooms and other tools which help us perform all kinds of labs. Students are able to interact not only with the teacher, but with each other too.

After School

LeBron James decided to stop by at basketball practice today!


After a packed full day, my friends and I relax by jamming out to music and having a good laugh. Nothing's better than ending the day with your close friends.


Meet Suraj

Hi! My name is Suraj and I'm a sophomore boarder from Macedonia, Ohio. I'm a member of the Diversity Club, Desi Club, and yearbook. I'm also very involved with the arts which are my favorite part about Reserve. I'm currently in The Laramie Project, the winter play at Reserve and I'm excited to share my day with you.

Favorite Class

"World's most fabulous English call" - Mr. Ray, one of the many amazing teachers at Reserve and teacher of my favorite class.


Today in Latin we're doing a certamen - which means competition in Latin. The winner gets extra credit points on the next Latin test.

Practice Time

My friend, Carlin '20, and I like to practice in Hayden Hall, Reserve's music building. Right now we're practicing a song for Madrigal feaste which is a big concert/feast that is a Reserve tradition.

Rehearsal Time

My favorite part of the day is play rehearsal. This year's winter play is The Laramie Project.

Go Team

That's a wrap on rehearsal.

End of the Day

At the end of a long day it's time to return to Hobart for some rest, relaxation and good conversation with Mr. Bennett.

Every one of our students has a success story to tell. We can't wait to tell yours.

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