In the News: VaLanDria Smith-Lash '19 featured in EBONY Magazine for her sustainable beauty company

As many entrepreneurs can attest to, owning and operating a business is a lot of work.

It's even more work when you're still a full-time college student. Being the incredibly diligent person that she is, VaLanDria Smith-Lash '19 is doing just that.

Smith-Lash started Coarse Culture when she was just 14 years old, formulating natural skincare products to help combat her mom's symptoms of an autoimmune disease. After consulting with doctors, doing extensive research and forming concoctions in their kitchen, VaLanDria came up with a shea butter solution that is now a much-desired product.

The Coarse Culture product line is plant-based, proving to be gentle yet effective on sensitive skin. As VaLanDria saw her mom's hair and skin undergo changes from her illness, she grew in her desire to create a solution and help other people dealing with the same things.

Coarse Culture has since grown to include a production site and employees, with even further growth on the horizon. VaLanDria's focus on community and self-care is reaching more people than ever before.

She took a temporary pause on managing the business while attending WRA and graduated in 2019. Now a junior at the University of Miami, VaLanDria was recently featured in EBONY Magazine for her business endeavors. You can read the full article here.