Hip Hooray for Something Rotten!

"Fantastic job by everyone involved. The cast looked like they were having fun and enjoying it as much as the audience was. Don't miss it!" - Lois Howell, Registrar, Facebook

"Amazing show!! Congratulations to all involved!" - Wendy Skinner, Dean of Student Life, Instagram

"This show was one of the best I have seen at WRA. Brilliant all round and so hilarious. Fabulous voices and costumes." - Ruth Andrews, Director of Leadership Giving, Facebook


If you missed your chance to catch WRA's performance of "Something Rotten," then fair warning that this glowing review might make you feel a little left out! It was a phenomenal and funny show, with a perfect mix of heart and hilarity to leave you with a stitch in your side and a smile on your face. It's tempting to gush about every performer, but it's impossible to do so when everyone rocked their role.

The fantastic performances were matched by an impressive set that took the audience back to Shakespearean time, with multiple pieces and drop scenery, masterfully maneuvered by the crew. And there has been a great deal of buzz about our eye-catching costumes, which students seem to don with joy (we hear the "bum rolls" were worn with particular pride!)

A hearty congratulations to the entire cast and crew, as well as the many faculty and staff members who contributed time and efforts to the production and success of this show.

Take a look at the slideshow below to view photos from the performance.