Fire & Ice: New tradition, same Reserve spirit

With the boom of fireworks overhead, our campus was illuminated by the fun festivities of Fire & Ice.

The second installment of this new tradition, which was started last year by Head of School Suzanne Walker Buck, was a blast! The January cold was no match for the light and warmth of the gathered WRA community.

So, what is Fire & Ice? Why light off fireworks on a freezing winter weekend?

For one thing, it is a celebration of Reserve. Fire & Ice embraces the snow and chilled temperatures that accompany Hudson this time of year, and adds its own flair to it.. Fire and Ice featured an ice sculpture shaped like the Chapel, Ellsworth Hall reimagined as an indoor ice skating rink, and College Street transformed into a street hockey haven.

There was hot chocolate from the Lux Truck, a spectacular fireworks show (hence, the "fire"), and a hot wing challenge featuring hot sauces courtesy of Greg Foster '93.

After hearing about plans for Fire & Ice, Foster donated selections from his hot sauce company, Inferno Farms. Nine sauces arrived just in time for the event, with a friendly note reading "it is my pleasure to lend a hand at helping melt the chill this time of year." Sauces with names like "Green Monster," "Where There's Smoke," and the dreaded "Lava Drops" brought the heat in WRA's take on the popular YouTube series "Hot Ones," in which participants must answer spicy interview questions while battling increasingly hot chicken wings.

The Bucks, Suzanne and Johnny, were good sports, fighting back tears as they endured sauce after sauce, each with increasing intensity.

In times of cold and darkness, sometimes it just takes a little spark to ignite a lot of joy. The Student Life Office did a fantastic job planning the event and providing options for people of all ages to take part. Everything from the iced cookies to the fiery decorations added to the memorable experience of the night.

Fire & Ice, while symbolic in many ways, is also a perfect opportunity to just have some fun. Students, faculty and families came together for a night of memory-making magic that will make Fire & Ice a lasting tradition for years to come.

Please enjoy these photos from Fire & Ice!