Beyond Reserve: A week at the Baylor College of Medicine

When it comes to providing students with transformational experiences, Beyond Reserve does exactly that: it goes above and beyond.

Beyond Reserve, a collection of summer opportunities and internships, utilizes connections with WRA alumni and friends of the school to create immersive experiences with real-world applications.

Earlier this month, three rising WRA seniors participated in the Baylor College of Medicine Doc Prep Program. Annie Nguyen '23, Cynthia Li '23 and Maddy Hadrys '23 spent a week in Texas learning from world-renowned doctors and surgeons, accompanied by Science Department Chair Wanda Boesch-Cordon.

WRA's three participants started the week by learning from Rice University professors about the college process and how to write a competitive college essay with pre-med studies in mind. They also attended lectures with surgeons and physicians in different fields, and completed interactive activities including suture lab, laparoscopic simulations, and dissections of a heart and brain.

The week also included insight into the medical school process, residency and life as a working practitioner. Nguyen, Li and Hadrys were encouraged to apply for the Doc Prep Program by Science Department faculty members who identified their passions for the field.

Thanks to Dr. Paul Klotman '68, the President and CEO of Baylor College of Medicine, this program has provided many Reserve students with the unique opportunity to experience a glimpse of life as a medical professional. Past participants, such as Max Slotnik '20, have been emboldened by the program to pursue a career path as a doctor. Slotnik, who is entering his junior year at Rice University, is studying Pre-Med and plans to attend medical school upon graduation.

Other students who have completed the Doc Prep Program have learned that the doctor path is not for them, which, in the words of Boesch-Cordon, is also "a very positive thing to happen." Beyond Reserve provides the opportunity for students to participate in an enlightening experience that provides greater clarity when thinking about their futures.

A huge thank you goes out to Dr. Paul Klotman '68 and Ms. Wanda Boesch-Cordon for their work in coordinating this opportunity for WRA students!