The 2022-23 WRA Boys Lacrosse season was a long and incredible one, stretching across the spring months and even earlier when you take into account off-season training and exhibition competitions. The team traveled hundreds of miles to compete, donning Reserve Green with pride and honor, and brought home reason after reason to ring that Victory Bell.

If you weren’t there to witness the season, or if you want to relive it, you have an opportunity to experience it all through “Brick By Brick,” a short film that documents the 2022-23 Boys Lacrosse story. The video is more than a catalog of the many wins and the few heartbreaking losses, but underscores the powerful team spirit that courses through these top-level athletes and the love they have for the game, for each other and for their alma mater.

Filmmaker Luke Schroedl sets the stage at the very beginning, describing the profound transformation of the program. Led by Head Coach Dylan Sheridan ’02, the team scaled from a  #1686 ranking by Inside Lacrosse in 2019 to closing their most recent season in the #19 spot. 

“WRA lacrosse to me is family,” shared Sheridan. “I’m fortunate enough to have gone here, graduated here, picked up my first lacrosse stick here and played for Reserve. Coming back here as a coach and being a part of this program feels like I’m paying it forward, and I love the kids.”

Interviewed athletes convey the depth of the impact of this program, describing the experience as “life-changing” and the team as “a brotherhood that’s unbroken on the field and off the field.” Their attitude and maturity on the field matches how they conduct themselves outside of lacrosse, as these young men are often the first to raise their hands to serve the community, to lift others up. This speaks volumes of Sheridan’s leadership and guidance, and how he strives to build a team that are proud representatives of Reserve, whether they’re wearing a lacrosse jersey or a green blazer.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the anonymous alumni donors who made this video possible. What a remarkable example of the many different paths one can take to make a gift to Western Reserve Academy and the unshakeable impact of a tremendous athletic program.

Watch the full video here.