Exciting times are ahead for our Athletic Department and Reserve’s many competitive athletes. Joining our community is Dr. Jack Lemmon, Western Reserve Academy’s new Sports Performance Coach. A new role for our school, this addition to our athletic department is a welcome one and adds great momentum to our mission to energize lives of connectivity, integrity, resilience and wellness.

As our Sports Performance Coach, Dr. Lemmon works in partnership with our many coaches and longtime Director of Sports Performance Dan Gibbons and Athletic Trainer Alan Stiver. Dr. Lemmon not only brings all the knowledge and expertise that comes with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT), but a steady devotion and passion for athletic development that he has sustained throughout his 15-year career.

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Jack join our WRA team,” said Director of Athletics Pete Hutchins. “His passion and enthusiasm rival his extensive knowledge and experience. Dr. Jack's contributions will better prepare our student-athletes to perform at their best on the field and on the court, and for those who aspire to play collegiately, they will be positioned to handle the rigor of college athletics.”

Dr. Lemmon has a proven track record of coaching athletes of all levels, from high school to professional and previously worked at International Sports Academy. He currently works at University Hospitals as a Physical Therapist and is also the owner of JL Sports Performance LLC, which offers private sports performance training and sports medicine physical therapy. 

His work with WRA athletes will be individualized based on their needs; he might introduce programming that focuses on strength and conditioning, nutrition, speed and agility, injury recovery, etc. Currently, he’s working with the Girls Soccer, Boys Lacrosse, Girls Lacrosse, Girls Basketball and Boys Basketball teams — with increasing potential to expand. At every opportunity, he consistently helps his athletes achieve their goals while emphasizing character development and healthy practices. 

“Something I’ve noticed over the years is how much more emphasis athletes and programs put into strength and sports performance” he shared. “It’s important to take the time and focus on body mechanics, movement quality and performance, actually developing their skills for court or the field in the weight room.”

Making this a priority is a great thing, knowing that it requires dedication, patience and other attributes that can help make an athlete an excellent one — though he does express concern at the abundance of advice available to students at just a tap of their phone screen. Advice that may be good, bad, misleading or even dangerous. We are so fortunate to have Dr. Lemmon on our team, adding to our growing network of athletic leadership that will help our athletes chart their best course and guide them toward their goals with balance, wellness and skill development top of mind. 

When Dr. Lemmon is not stationed in our Murdough Athletic Center or on the sidelines of our fields, you might find him enjoying his other passions — cooking, doing any active hobby that takes place outdoors, or spending cherished time with his family, which includes his wife Lindsey, 15-month-old daughter Alessia, and two labs, Luna and Bo.

Welcome, Dr. Lemmon!