It’s hard to believe we are less than two weeks away from the Class of 2024’s Commencement ceremony — and there is so much good news to share! Today we celebrated our College T-Shirt Day, and our plucky Pioneers donned their college gear to proudly share what’s in store for them on their paths ahead.

Plucky just might be the perfect word to describe this class. They weathered COVID-19 with perseverance, positivity and resolve. When FAFSA system updates led to an unprecedented college application year, they relied on these first-class skills in flexibility and held on with grace and good spirits. When we think of this group of 125 strong, we are reminded of the many feats and accomplishments that mark them as exceptional. We wonder how many books they have read, how much laughter they’ve shared, how many hands have raised with questions and answers, how many doors they’ve held open. We can recall a flurry of awards, trophies, medals, certificates and more, and applauding them for their success. They’ve rung the Victory Bell, stood for standing ovations on the KFAC stage. They have cheered for their peers, lifted each other up in times of setback and looked beyond themselves to serve others outside their community. There is no doubt that they are a class of caring, thoughtful, smart, capable and talented human beings. We will be proud to call them alums.

For a deeper look, we have shared a broader overview of the Class of 2024 with compelling insights collected by our College Counseling Office, the official college acceptance list and a selection of portraits of our soon-to-be graduates. Highlights include the fact that 235 different schools offered admission with 84% of the class accepted to Top 50 Colleges/Universities and 34 committed athletes prepared to continue their athletic career at their chosen destinations. 

In the days ahead, we will continue to celebrate the close of our school year and the final moments we have with our Class of 2024, enjoying our seniors’ performances at “Colors,” the Spring Dance Performance this weekend, a Senior Class Picnic, our Brick Row Dedication Ceremony and — of course — their final trek across Brick Row as they process for their graduation ceremony. Congratulations to our Class of 2024! We look forward to seeing all you do on the road ahead.