Mission & Values

Our Mission

A Western Reserve Academy education offers a transformational experience where students strive for excellence, live with integrity and act with compassion.

Our faculty cultivate intellectual curiosity through a challenging college preparatory program; our students pursue a rigorous liberal arts curriculum and engage in opportunities beyond the classroom in arts, athletics and service, ensuring growth in mind, body and spirit. Western Reserve Academy’s tight-knit community instills individual and social responsibility and welcomes and respects diversity, while preparing students as citizens and leaders in an increasingly interconnected world.

Our Values

Excellence. Integrity. Compassion

We are the Pioneers.
We are young and brave.
Stronger together.
We seek respect, not attention.
Obstacles fascinate us.
Roadblocks draw out our creativity.
We work harder.
We are disciplined but adventurous.
We are here to grow, to learn, to give and to evolve.
We ring the Victory Bell.
We thank our teachers.
We extend open arms to those just beginning their journeys.
We are the next generation of leaders, challengers and dreamers.
We are well rounded.
Socially conscious.
Culturally aware.
We are in a place where everyone can be extraordinary.
We are a family, connected by this spirit of innovation, pressing forward for two centuries and more.
And still we advance.
Onward and inward.
Asking of ourselves one constant question.
What Will You Pioneer?