Ohio Pioneer Scholarship

A premier boarding school education within the realm of possibility

Hello, Ohioans! Our Ohio Pioneer Scholarship is a full boarding scholarship awarded to a new boarding applicant from Ohio. This scholarship is valued at $65,800. Every new Ohio boarding applicant is considered for this application, so to apply for this scholarship, you just need to apply to Reserve!

Our website is a great resource, and can provide all the answers to questions you may have. And if you're still hungry for more information about Reserve, make sure to schedule your personalized campus visit with through our Admission Office.

So remember, the process for qualifying for our Ohio Pioneer Scholarship is easy.

STEP ONE: Apply to Reserve. That's it. You're done!

OPTIONAL (yet highly recommended!):

STEP TWO: Visit campus in person and take in the splendor of our campus.

What does a top boarding applicant look like? They could be a celebrated athlete, ardent volunteer, talented performer, brainy scholar, a combination of all of these characteristics or someone who cannot be defined by labels and is unique without limits. Ultimately, they are someone who is, simply put, a standout! It's that student who feels passionately about their interests, someone who is unapologetically and insatiably curious, someone who will leave an indelible mark on this community, just as WRA leaves an indelible mark on its students!

If these characteristics resonate as you read them... then introduce us to YOU by submitting an application!

New to WRA? Take a look at a few resources to bring you up to speed!

... Like our Viewbook!

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