Student Leadership & Involvement

We deeply believe that leadership education should be an important part of a student's high school experience. At WRA, we work hard to provide opportunities for students to participate in meaningful experiences that help them to develop their potential as leaders at and beyond WRA. At every grade level, we offer opportunities for them to learn, grow and take chances as student leaders.

Grade 9: Explore

All freshman attend an orientation program at the beginning of the year. Throughout the year, they explore their interests through WRA clubs and co-curricular programs, participate in three athletic seasons and interact with upperclassman leaders across campus. In addition, freshman participate in the freshmen class seminar program.

Elements of the freshman Explore experience include:

  • Exploring interests through campus involvement
  • Making connections across campus
  • Transitioning from middle school to high school leadership
  • Creating a sense of self-awareness

Grade 10: Engage

As sophomores, students begin to engage in leadership opportunities in specific areas. They may become actively involved in a specific club (or two), take on a leadership role in the dorm or on an athletic team or lead a community service project. In addition, sophomores may apply to be a part of a local leadership education program, Jr. Leadership Hudson, and participate in its Intern for a Day program. All sophomores participate in the Evolve, Lead and Achieve development program.

Elements of the sophomore Engage experience include:

  • Participating in the Effective Leadership Academy, made possible through the generosity of the Burton D. Morgan Leadership Program
  • Exploring a balance between academics and involvement
  • Engaging in leadership opportunities
  • Defining a personal vision of leadership
  • Aligning values with involvement

Grade 11: Focus

By the time students are juniors, their leadership development becomes more focused. Students become primary leaders of clubs and co-curricular programs, actively lead athletic teams, lead community service projects, participate in outreach travel experiences and find summer internship opportunities. Juniors are also invited to apply to be prefects or to participate in the Jr. Leadership Hudson program.

Elements of the junior Focus experience include:

  • Intentionally advancing leadership skills
  • Applying leadership through focused involvement
  • Translating involvement into career preparation
  • Demonstrating a commitment to leadership

Grade 12: Transform

By senior year, students transform into school leaders. Seniors apply to become Morgan Leaders, participate in student government, serve as captains of athletic teams, lead clubs and co-curricular programs, serve as prefects and team up with new students as Green Key mentors.

Elements of the senior Transform experience include:

  • Taking an active role in leading the school
  • Reflecting on leadership experiences and synthesizing learning
  • Assisting in the development of the next generation of student leaders
  • Identifying and celebrating life skills
  • Preparing to apply leadership in college and beyond


The Burton D. Morgan Foundation grant for leadership development is used to provide support for the Morgan Leaders Council, leadership development within the school, and training for current and future student leaders through a formal leadership development program. Funds from the grant are used to support the teaching of civics and ethical leadership within the context of the Saturday Academy Class Seminar program and a guest speaker program. In addition, the Morgan Leaders Alumni Tour of a major U.S. city and accompanying project provides an opportunity for senior Morgan Leaders to meet with WRA alumni who are proven leaders. Finally, funds are made available for faculty training for those who teach student leadership and/or advise student leadership organizations.

Morgan Leaders Council

The Morgan Leaders Council serves as the highest level of student leadership at WRA. Each year, the Morgan Leaders meet regularly as a group, participate in group and individual leadership building activities, and undertake a group project or projects to benefit the WRA community.

Morgan Leadership Institute

This extensive leadership training program provides the Morgan Leaders, prefects and other student leaders with meaningful leadership training activities within the scope of the annual training budget. WRA partners with with Effective Leadership Academy (ELA) to provide a nine- session weekly program for the Morgan Leaders. The ELA leadership development program for the Morgan Leaders is customized each year to meet their needs, and the students benefit greatly from the program. In addition, WRA has partnered with the Institute for Creative Leadership for both the Morgan Leaders and prefects. During the 2013-2014 school year, the Institute for Creative Leadership will offer a five-session leadership development program for Morgan Leaders and prefects on the weekends.

Civics & Ethical Leadership Institute

This program is an ongoing, extracurricular effort to teach up-and-coming student leaders crucial civics and leadership skills during the course of the academic year. The Morgan Civics and Ethical Leadership Development Program provides students with academic-oriented offerings during Saturday Academy.

During Saturday Academy Class Seminars, sophomores experience leadership development training. With these intentional conversations and activities, we promote a culture of learning through experiences that encourages leadership development. Working with ELA, we designed a program that focuses on basic leadership principles and "life skills" that we know need to be developed before students begin to take on even greater leadership roles. This program has been a wonderful success.

During the 2013-2014 school year, we are beginning an exciting new program that has been designed to help students "become courageous and effective change agents." Taking place during the freshman Saturday Academy Class Seminars, the Heroic Imagination Project helps students gain the skills they truly need to be leaders in their life and on our campus. The program is built on research, is experiential, and is designed to help develop skills that we believe students need to be campus leaders.

Morgan Leaders Alumni Tour

In cities across the country, Morgan Leaders conduct interviews with WRA alumni and parents who are leaders in their fields. Each named Morgan Leader has the opportunity to take one trip to a major U.S. city to visit with alumni and parents who are leaders in their fields. The students benefit from discussing leadership with alumni who have experienced tremendous success as leaders. In addition, they are also able to see life through the lens of many different careers and better understand the role of civic involvement. The alumni and students greatly value their time together, and the discussions are truly wonderful.

Faculty Leadership Professional Development

This fund allows faculty advisors of student leadership organizations to attend high quality leadership conferences and bring in speakers or consultants to work with the school in order to improve student leadership programs.