Cultivating a diverse and supportive environment

Western Reserve Academy affords students an opportunity to learn, explore and mature in a nurturing and encouraging environment. In partnership with parents, caregivers and families, WRA strives to instill the skills and curiosity in our students that allows them to be thoughtful, engaging and happy adults.

Whether students wake up in a dorm or arrive on campus, each new day at Reserve is an opportunity to be active and engaged in an exceptional community of educators, mentors and friends.

The sense of community at WRA is unmistakable and makes the school truly feel like home. I know that the relationships I have made at WRA with not only my peers, but with my advisor and teachers as well, will last far beyond my Reserve days. The encouragement and support I have received at WRA has helped me to achieve many of my goals so far and will continue to impact my future.

- Julia '17, WRA Student

No matter if you are a current, past or prospective student or parent, the Reserve community welcomes you to get involved and engage in our community.