Western Reserve Academy shows happiness has legs, even during crisis
Posted 04/24/2020 10:22AM

For a school that prides itself on producing unexpected videos, distance learning has presented creative challenges. The big production scenes that we admired and emulated from musicals and TV shows must now shift to a smaller screen...the phone screen.

Undaunted, our WRA community devised a remote approach to producing its latest project with video partners, The Film Guys. The new video, showing a happy take on online learning, was created to lift spirits through the special language of pets. Students filmed individual scenes on their phones and combined them for a poignant finished product. The school community asked teachers to voice their pets, creating a sense of familiarity, reconnection, and a challenge to identify the voices of dogs and cats, even a lizard and a parrot.

"Even during the hardest times, nothing can steal our optimism," said Head of School Suzanne Buck. "Like the video says, we embrace the idea that the bowl is always half full."

Enjoy our newest film production, "Pet Project," embedded below.