Bring Your Own Device Program

Students are required to bring to campus a privately owned laptop computer that is capable of connecting wirelessly to our campus network. The device must be portable and will be used regularly throughout the class day.

Your choice of laptop computer should be the personal preference of your child or family. We believe the computer should last your child for four years. To help you select a device, we have some suggested minimum specifications. Both Macs and PCs can meet these specifications. We do not recommend Chromebooks as they are unable to install software required for certain courses.

● CPU: At least an Intel Core i5, AMD Ryzen 5 or any Apple Silicon processor

● RAM: At least 8GB of RAM

● Storage: A 250GB or larger solid state drive (SSD)

● Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz capable network card

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Technology Department at

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the school have a preferred operating system?

The school supports both macOS and Windows based operating systems. All are acceptable to bring to campus. macOS and Windows are widely used by our current student body.

Does the school recommend any computers?

Beyond the recommended minimum specifications, the school does not require or recommend any specific brand or model.

What about smartphones, iPads, e-readers and gaming devices?

While those devices can connect wirelessly to the Internet, we do not believe they will fully meet the needs of the student in the classroom.

What about Chromebooks?

At this time, Chromebooks are unable to install the software required for certain courses.

What if my student’s device breaks?

If your child’s device is temporarily out of order, the school will provide a loaner for a short period of time. If the computer is damaged in any way while loaned out, the student will be financially responsible for any negligence. The Technology Office is not responsible for fixing broken personal devices, however we do perform minimal repairs and assist students with getting their devices fixed. We do recommend looking into purchasing accidental damage insurance.

What if my child’s device is lost or stolen?

WRA is not responsible for your child’s electronic device. Like any other personal item, it is up to the student to secure and care for the device.

Will my child have access to printers?

Yes, each student may print to multiple printers on campus via their own personal laptop, smartphone, or campus computer. Students are required to use their WRA Network Credentials to submit and release jobs.

What additional software will I be required to purchase for my child’s device?

Other than purchasing virus-protection software, you are not required to have any specific software installed. The school has a licensing agreement with Microsoft to provide a copy of Office 365 to each student. This service will allow them to download a full version of Microsoft Office onto their machine.

How will each device be used in the classroom?

The device will be used differently in each classroom. Technology promotes engagement and supports effective communication, collaboration, problem solving, differentiated learning, critical thinking, and creativity. We need our students to have the technological tools that enable, enhance and transform learning. Ongoing training has been provided to teachers to utilize the devices in the classroom.

Are there other computers on campus to use?

The Wang Innovation Center also has a computer lab available for student use.

What school resources will my student have access to with their personal device?

The school will provide the student a Google Workspace for Education account. Included in this account will be a school-issued email and Google Drive. Students will use this cloud-based program for presentations, word processing, spreadsheets, communication and file storage. The school has a licensing agreement with Microsoft to provide a copy of Office 365 to each student. This service will allow them to download a full version of Microsoft Office onto their machine. They will also be given access to our school Internet and, thus, be subject to our school’s Acceptable Use Policy.