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First Name Last Name Class
Tommy Awender 2018
Andrew Barnes 2021
Raymond Barrett 2020
Romir Basu 2019
Jaxson Bick 2018
Sam Bick 2021
Matthew Bloom 2019
Sammy Bluso, Capt. 2018
Tim Chen 2019
Austen Coldiron 2021
Linden Coldiron, Mgr. 2019
James Cook 2020
Jad Darwiche 2020
Sash Davis, Capt. 2018
Devin Dhaliwal 2019
James Doh 2020
Will Downing 2019
Tommy Feng 2021
Marc Franquesa 2018
Steven Ge 2019
Xi Gong 2018
Jacob Grossman 2020
Ghassen Hamzeh 2018
Jonathan Han 2018
Carson Harkins 2019
Ben Horrigan 2018
Cade Howard 2020
Dominic Jocas 2021
Nevin Joyce 2019
George Kagler 2021
Jae Yoon Kim 2021
Charlie Kolodziej, Capt.
Phillip Kuri 2018
Yunze Li 2020
Tiger Ma 2021
Steven Majewski 2019
Matt McCaffrey 2021
Quentin Mundy 2019
Gio Myung 2020
Josh Nagy 2018
Josh Nagy 2018
John Narouze 2018
Joon Park 2021
Bradyn Podnar 2018
Alexander Popa 2021
Karthik Reddy 2021
John Rizk 2019
Joshua Rogers 2019
Peter Rong 2020
Jack Rubin 2018
Mahan Sahu 2021
Justin Scott 2019
Ramsey Shaheen 2020
Ethan Shockey 2020
Logan Snell 2018
Denver Soekawan 2020
Harrison Solar 2018
Andrew Song 2019
Jack Sovich 2019
Manas Srinivasaiah 2018
Sanjit Srinivasaiah 2021
Bakari Steve 2021
Billy Tan 2018
Ran Tao 2018
Peter Teng 2019
Darius Wade 2021
Mike Wu 2020
Steven Yang 2019
Richard Zhang 2021


Varsity Season Record: 34–17
Captains: Wajdi Ahemed '17, Ian Israelson '17, Daniel Mylott '17.
Athletic Awards: Most Valuable Athlete: Wajdi Ahemed and Daniel Mylott. Most Improved Athlete: Jack Sovich ’19. Coaches Award: Cole Howard ’17 and Ian Israelson.


Varsity Season Record: 39-5
Captains: Max Borrmann ’16, Ajay Dakappagari ’16
Athletic Awards: Most Valuable Athlete: Justus Harris ’16 and Tim Lund ’16; Most Improved Athlete: Wajdi Ahemed ’17; Coaches Award: Ajay Dakappagari ’16 and Danny Mylott ’17; Carl Basnett Award: Max Borrmann ’16

The boys track and field team added another winning season to the books, beating 39 of 44 teams this season and finishing with a 39-5 record. Having a winning season is an exceptional accomplishment for any team, but for Coach Gerard Manoli, it’s not all about winning and trophies. “The highlights for me are watching the athletes celebrate their victories and watching them support each other and improve each week. What I like about winning is being able to watch the athletes hoist the trophy and come home to ring the bell; that’s fun for me.”

With 73 athletes, each working hard in their respective events, the boys track and field team won some memorable meets. They were the champions at the Berlin Center WR Relays, Cuyahoga Heights Relays and most notably, the 60th annual Longstreth Relays held on the WRA campus, a competition they had not won in more than 20 years. They also were the runner up at the Perry Relays.

There were a few athletes that shined above the rest this season, including the Most Improved Athlete Wajdi Ahemed ’17, who made incredible strides in the shot and discus. “Last year, Wajdi did not score a single point. This year, he was our number one shot putter and discus thrower, and the third leading scorer, improving over 30 feet in the discus. His throw of 45’ 7” is the best shot put by a WRA thrower in over 15 years. That is incredible improvement,” said Manoli during the 2016 spring Athletic Awards ceremony.

Four-year letter winners, Ajay Dakapaggari ’16 (Coaches Award recipient) and Max Borrmann ’16 (Carl Basnett Award winner) led the team with their outstanding commitment, dedication and leadership on and off the track. “The Carl Basnett Award is Max to the T,” said Manoli, speaking of Borrmann’s loyalty to the team and demonstration of all the finest ideals of a WRA track and field athlete.

The backbone of the team’s success and leading scorers, Justus Harris ’17 and Tim Lund ’16, were named the Most Valuable Players this season. With Harris’ long jump and explosive sprinting ability and Lund’s all-around success in just about any event, the team counted on these two to put the Pioneers at the top of the scoreboard each meet.

Wajdi Ahemed ’17, Ian Israelson ’17 and Danny Mylott ’17 have been named the 2017 captains.