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David Soldevilla
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Varsity Tennis - Girls

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WRA Doubles Inv., Shaker Heights High School, Chagrin Falls Schools, Hawken Upper School, Magnificat High School, Our Lady Of Elms H S
WRA Tennis Courts
Jackson HS (Massillon)
Jackson HS (Massillon)
Loss 1-4
Warren John F. Kennedy Catholic School
WRA Tennis Courts
Win 3-2
Orange High School
WRA Tennis Courts
POSTPONED: 9/10/2018

Athletics Roster

First Name Last Name Class
Katie Chen 2020
Anna Dougharty 2019
Pritam Garcha 2022
Rowena Ge 2020
Hannah Ghoubrial 2019
Lauren Landry 2020
Hannah Ma 2022
Lydia Peercy, Capt. 2019
Hayley Schultz 2019
Amy Zhou, Capt. 2019
Ivan Cheuk, Mgr. 2021



Varsity Season Record: 7-6
Captains: MacKenzie Deeter ’17
Athletic Awards: Most Valuable Player: MacKenzie Deeter ’17; Most Improved Player: Caleigh Tiley ’17; Coaches/Spirit Award: Alicia Ma ’18


Starting with a loss is not what one hopes for at the beginning of a season, but the girls tennis team met their match during their first competition and helped provide a positive outlook for the rest of the fall. Difficult as it was playing Hathaway Brown School at the start, one of the best tennis teams in the state, then followed by one of the hardest schedules the girls tennis team has had in quite some time, this team earned their place in the NEO A Division this season.

“We had an enjoyable season that is reflective of our culture at WRA. In other words, it was a successful season,” said Head Coach Sebastien Glinzler. Successful it was, especially for three athletes, Most Valuable Player Mackenzie Deeter ’17, Alicia Ma ’18 and Lydia Peercy ’19, who all played singles for the team and had some incredible matches throughout the fall.

One of the exciting points in the season was the team’s ability to come out on top during the WRA Doubles Invitational against nine other teams. It was their hard work personalities that helped get them the win. “Their ability to treat each match they played separately and come out trying their best every time was one of this team’s strengths,” said Glinzler

The team will be losing some talent, with Deeter and Sarah Jones ’17 graduating this school year. Glinzler is looking forward to the rest of the team stepping up and finding their positions on the team as well as the potential of new talent as the 2017-18 school year draws near.



Varsity A Season Record: 16-3
Captain: Morrissa Clayman ’16 and Haiyun Chen ’16
Athletic Awards: Most Improved Player: Haiyun Chen ’16; Most Valuable Players: MacKenzie Deeter ’17 and Alicia Ma ’18


Coming into the fall 2015 season, the girls tennis team anticipated having a good year. With the addition of Kaylah Hodge ’16, a Naval Academy recruit, the team elevated their expectations from good to great. With the determination to excel at all levels, the tennis team finished the season with a phenomenal 16-3 record.

“One of our strengths this year was our depth,” said Head Coach Sebastien Glinzler. “We were able to compete with some of the bigger tennis schools in the area.”

When defeated, you begin to learn about your team’s identity. Even though the team was disappointed by their losses, Glinzler could not have been happier with them in those matches.

“[Their performance] outweighed any loss and was a victory in itself,” he said. “I saw a team unit form in those matches.”

For the first time in a while, the girls were in a position to compete for a victory at their own doubles invitational. The team title was decided by one game, as the WRA narrowly missed a first-place finish, claiming second out of six teams.

Glinzler points to his three singles players as the guides for this team. Hodge led the team at the first singles position, while Mackenzie Deeter ’17 (who only lost a couple of matches the entire season) and Alicia Ma ’18 carried a lot of weight for the team at second and third singles respectively.

In doubles action, two new freshmen, Lydia Peercy ’19 and Amy Zhou ’19 made immediate impacts on the team, paired with their experienced counterparts, captain Morrissa Clayman ’16 and Sarah Jones ’17. Glinzler championed these combinations, which allowed Clayman and Jones to teach their new teammates the culture of Reserve tennis.

Rounding out the roster, Alexis Shoemaker ’18 and Haiyun Chen ’16 were great additions to the line-up, helping out in every capacity.