Reserve Sports Network

Student-Run Athletic Coverage and Commentary

Reserve Sports Network is a student organization that provides live coverage, commentary and news surrounding WRA Athletics. RSN makes it easier than ever to stay up-to-date with sports. Students who are interested in broadcasting, journalism and media can gain valuable experience through involvement in RSN.

The group was started in 2021 and has quickly taken shape, with an entire team of commentators, camera operators and content producers. RSN benefits from both faculty support and the highly involved athletic teams at Western Reserve Academy.

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Landon Allis '23 - Director of Operations, Game Day Producer
Brendan Gallagher '23
Gavin Liegl '23
Sam Pinkerton '23
Brennan Christian '24
Stephen Kosco '24
Gina Rubiano '25
Rojauhn Pakdel '24
Jeffrey Krapf '23
Chun Park '23
Hudson Rubin '25
James Smith '24
Tanushree Patil '23
Madison Aliff '23
Rebecca Rubiano '23
Suhaan Yadama '24
Kian Kischke '24
Carter Malone '23
Adam Ramsey '23
Paris Matheos '25
Sophia Yates '25
Andrew Petras '23
Brennan Williams '23
Finn Frato-Sweeney '26
Asher Biehn '25
Thomas Adams-Wall
Matt Gerber
Todd Gilbert

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    Reserve Sports Network established at WRA
    Sept. 9, 2021

    With fall upon us, excitement is in the air and now it is ON the air.

    Reserve Sports Network, WRA's very own broadcasting group, was recently launched by third-year student Landon Allis '23. A lifelong sports fanatic, Allis channeled his passion for athletics into broadcasting.

    "I've always loved sports," said Allis. "This seemed like a perfect opportunity to do something with that love."

    Head of School Suzanne Walker Buck welcomed the idea, giving RSN the stamp of approval. Now equipped with a team of fellow students, Reserve Sports Network provides video coverage, commentary and even post-game interviews at WRA sporting events.

    Along with Allis, other commentators include Michael Filippelli, Gunnar Gray, Jimena Oliva, and Hannah Ma, all from the Class of 2022. Chunwoong Park '23 assists with camera operation and production, and a team of faculty consultants have also bolstered RSN's development since May of 2021.

    The fall athletic season kicked off in late August, giving RSN plenty of content to cover. The first broadcast was a Girls Soccer match against Cuyahoga Falls. According to Allis, a few difficulties popped up early on, but by the second half the commentators had found their footing.

    "We've only done four games, but the community support is already pouring in," Allis noted. "I really want to see this group get to a place where we can have a large setup with multiple cameras, sideline reporters, sports podcasts and so much more."

    Through RSN's excellent work, it is now easier than ever to stay updated with WRA sports. Reserve Sports Network posts live coverage of select games and has their own social media profiles on YouTube and Instagram.

    For a closer look at RSN, go to and be sure to follow along!