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Reserve Sports Network

Student-Run Athletic Coverage and Commentary

Reserve Sports Network is a student organization that provides live coverage, commentary and news surrounding WRA Athletics. RSN makes it easier than ever to stay up-to-date with sports. Students who are interested in broadcasting, journalism and media can gain valuable experience through involvement in RSN.

The group was started in 2021 and has quickly taken shape, with an entire team of commentators, camera operators and content producers. RSN benefits from both faculty support and the highly involved athletic teams at Western Reserve Academy.

Meet The 2023-2024 RSN Staff

Stephen Kosco '24
Gina Rubiano '25
Brennan Christian '24
Rojauhn Pakdel '24
Celia Chapman
James Smith '24
Suhaan Yadama '24
Kaden Haslinger
Kian Kischke '24
Will Bartlett '24
Jadyn Brenneman '24
Hudson Rubin '25
Sophia Yellow Robe Yates '25
Paris Matheos '25
Tucker Marshall
Finn Frato-Sweeney '26
Caz Badynee '26
Landon Allis '23
Thomas Adams-Wall
Matt Gerber
Todd Gilbert

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