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Floodlit game

Energizing lives of connectivity, integrity, resilience and wellness.

Our Mission

One of our most enduring traditions is ringing the Victory Bell after a win. This is a tradition every WRA student can experience, because here, every student participates in sports. Our athletic requirement, and an outstanding team of coaches and mentors, makes sports at WRA a winning endeavor for everyone from the top competitor to the brand new player.

Whether you are pursuing a collegiate sports career, new outlets for your competitive spirit or the camaraderie of active time spent with friends, you will be part of an inclusive and spirited athletic program on a world-class campus.

A Closer Look

Did You See That?

"Did You See That?!" is our answer to the question, what is it like to be an athlete at Reserve? Our latest video captures the hype, competition and team spirit that encompasses Reserve sports culture. It's shouts of joy, frustration, delirious happiness, grit, perseverance, agony, exhilaration and, above all, pride!

Athletic News