Thanks & Recognition

Upon his death, James W. Ellsworth left a substantial portion of his estate to Western Reserve Academy. His initial gift of $4 million served as the beginning of our endowment. For many years, the James W. Ellsworth Trust was our only form of endowment, and the earnings from it provided operating income to keep Western Reserve Academy financially solvent. Could he have ever imagined where his gift would lead?

More than 90 years later, on June 30, 2014, our endowment was valued at $113,787,218. For the 2014 fiscal year, the endowment contributed $2.5 million toward our operating budget. Over the last 10 years, it has provided an average of 23 percent of our operating income.

Currently, Western Reserve Academy’s endowment consists of a unitized pool of more than 145 named funds of both restricted and unrestricted assets. Endowment gifts to Western Reserve Academy are placed in the WRA Fund for investment and oversight purposes. The WRA Fund and the James W. Ellsworth Trust are combined to form WRA’s endowment. Decisions regarding the investment of the Western Reserve Academy endowment are made by the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees, working within an investment policy designed to augment and preserve the spending value of the endowment.

Total managed endowment performance was up 12.9 percent for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2014, and up 6 percent for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2013. Net appreciation and income in excess of the annual spending rate are retained for the growth of each individual endowment’s market value. The Investment Committee works diligently to bring long-term growth to the school’s endowment. Accordingly, endowment value has generally been maintained through the adverse investment markets of the past several years. Over the years, the generosity of alumni, parents and friends of Western Reserve Academy who have supported our endowed funds has provided thousands of students the opportunity to benefit from scholarship gifts, and recognized deserving faculty members for their dedication and achievements. Every gift to Western Reserve Academy’s endowment makes a difference by strengthening the institution’s financial foundation and sets the pace for the future.


Faculty Development Funds

Class of 1950 Fellowship for Faculty Advancement
In celebration of their 50th reunion year in 2000, the Class of 1950 established this fellowship to recognize those masters who, by their personal and professional integrity, commitment to their students, enthusiasm for their profession and service to the Academy, have provided an example worthy of emulation. The fellowship comes with a stipend to provide support that would not otherwise be available for study, research, writing, travel, or any other scholarly endeavor that would enhance the recipient’s ability to contribute to the Academy.

Marie K. Fiedler Fund for Faculty Development
In honor of Marie Fiedler’s long and dedicated career as a teacher and a coach at Western Reserve Academy, the Marie K. Fiedler Fund for Faculty Development was established in 2006 by her brother, John Fiedler and his wife, Geraldine, to recognize a member of the faculty each year and to provide him or her with funds to pursue additional education or study.

John W. Hallowell Sabbatical Fund
Created in 1966-67 by the WRA community, including trustees, alumni, friends and parents, the Hallowell Sabbatical Fund was established to honor John W. Hallowell, who served as WRA headmaster from 1946 to 1967. Each year, the fund provides a faculty fellowship award consisting of a full year sabbatical leave that will support the broadening and freshening of professional abilities and interests. Faculty members are eligible for the fellowship after eight years at the school.

J. Ward & Marian Keener Prize
Established in 1985, the J. Ward & Marian Keener Prize is awarded to a faculty member who has served at least one year but not more than three years. The prize recognizes that individual’s excellence in teaching and commitment to the quality of life and overall learning at WRA. Established by the Keener family, the prize is given in honor of two people who were so very much a part of Reserve.

Henry B. Leonard Family Fund for Faculty Development
Believing that the strength of Reserve lies in the teachers, Henry and Dina Leonard and their children, Nathaniel ’82 and Emily ’84, established the Henry B. Leonard Family Fund for Faculty Development to help the school continue to attract and retain exceptional faculty members by providing needed support throughout their Reserve careers.

Mickel/Jones Faculty Fellowship
Established in 1994 through the estates of Chan and Delia Jones, this fund honors the memory of Raymond Mickel, Mr. Jones’ teaching colleague at WRA. The fellowship provides for direct faculty support and is to be used for graduate study or other professional advancement. The essence of the award is to recognize service to the Academy, excellence in teaching and active involvement in the residential life of the school.

William Moos Faculty Sabbatical Travel Endowment Fund
Established in memory of William “Bill” H. Moos (1918-February 28, 1984) the ‘pre-eminent art teacher” and “legend” at Western Reserve Academy. In fact, he was the only full-time art teacher during his 35-year career at WRA, beginning in 1945. Trained as an architect, he was interested in many aspects of art and design including drawing, painting, photography, theatrical set design, and the preservation of historic buildings. He shared this energy and enthusiasm in the arts with his students, many of whom, as alumni, have gone on to pursue professions in design or enjoy avocational interests in the arts. Reflecting Bill’s interest in travel, this fund provides faculty the opportunity to further enrich their teaching abilities by financially supporting travel and study. In fact, Bill felt that travel outside the confines of “quaint colonial Hudson” (his own words) was essential to the academic stimulation of the faculty.

Endowed Scholarship Funds

Madeline Allen Memorial Fund
Established in 1984 by family and friends in memory of Madeline Allen, who was the school nurse at Reserve from 1973 to 1984.

Alumni Association Scholarship Fund
Established in 2005 by the Alumni Association Board through profits generated by the annual alumni golf outing. It is presented to a junior who is in good academic standing, who is a positive all-around contributor to the junior class, and who by virtue of his or her presence on campus makes Reserve a better school. The recipient is the kind of person who likely will represent Reserve well as an alumnus/alumna.

Anonymous Foundation Fund for Disadvantaged Students
Established in 1985 by an anonymous donor wishing to promote education at the high school level in Northeast Ohio.

R. W. Apple, Jr. ’52 Scholarship Fund
Created in the name of R.W. (Johnny) Apple Jr. ’52 and in memory of Franklyn S. Reardon.

Baldwin-Babcock Memorial Fund
Created in 1978 by the estate of Caroline A.B. Babcock.

George T. & Anna L. Bishop Fund
Established in 1967 from the estates of George and Anna Bishop, this fund honors one-time Western Reserve Academy Board of Trustees member George T. Bishop and his wife, Anna.

Robert J. Boyer ’42 Memorial Fund
Established in 1964 by family, friends and classmates of Robert Boyer ’42, who was president of the student council and a three sport athlete at Reserve.

Margaret A. Brown 1888 Fund for Minority Students
Established in 1995 to honor the school’s first known female African-American student.

Bubb Family Fund
Established in 2005 by Harrison “Hub” Bubb ’57 and his wife, Sally, this scholarship is awarded annually to a deserving student.

Harold T. Clark Memorial Fund
Created in 1965, this fund honors the memory of Harold T. Clark, an attorney and longtime Board of Trustees member who served the Academy from 1923 until 1965.

William H. Danforth ’34 Memorial Fund
Established in 2002 by the family, friends, colleagues and former students of Mr. Danforth, former history teacher, diving and swimming coach, alumni secretary, admissions director and director of development.

Corinne Van Dame Davis Scholarship Fund
The Corinne Van Dame Davis Endowed Scholarship Fund has been established by family, former students, and friends to celebrate Mrs. Davis’s life and her devotion to the school. Mrs. Davis taught at Reserve from 1972 to 1994, during which time she staged more than 100 plays and musicals.

E.E. Ford Foundation Fund for Minority Students
Established in 1989 through a generous grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation and matching gifts from the Reserve community, this fund offers scholarship aid each year to six deserving minority students.

Flanagan Endowed Scholarship Fund
Established in 2008, trustees, alumni, parents and friends created the Flanagan Endowed Scholarship Fund honoring Headmaster Henry Skip Flanagan and Dean of Admission Britt Flanagan for their 26 years of devoted service to Western Reserve Academy (1982-2008).

Gladys J. Foster Scholarship Fund
Created in 1963 by Mr. H.D. Foster in memory of his wife.

GAR Foundation Fund
Established in 1992 by The GAR Foundation to provide scholarship funding. The GAR Foundation has a longstanding and generous history of support for the Academy.

Eleanor B. Garfield Fund
Established in 1982 by the family of Eleanor Garfield whose two sons, Rudolph “Bob” ’46 and Borton ’50, were scholarship students at Reserve. Particular preference is shown to candidates from Mentor, Ohio, Mrs. Garfield’s hometown.

The Richard H. Geuder ’54 Endowed Scholarship Fund Established in 2014 by his wife Sara Geuder, this fund honors her husband Richard H. Geuder Class of 1954.

James E. Griesinger ’45 Memorial Fund
The Griesinger family established this fund in 1974. James Griesinger was known at Reserve as a strong student with high moral principles who loved athletics; he was also a World War II veteran. Particular preference in awarding this scholarship is given to a Hudson, Ohio, resident with a strong interest in athletics.

W. Wayne & Mary F. Hancock Memorial Fund
Established by the Mary Fisher Hancock Foundation and friends in 1957, this fund honors the memory of the parents of William W. Hancock ’42.

Harrington Family Fund
In April 2003, the Ronald G. Harrington family, consisting of Ronald G. and Nancy Harrington, Ronald M. Harrington ’87 and Mrs. Jill Harrington McLaughlin, established the Harrington Family Endowed Scholarship Fund to support students from Ohio.

Sherman J. & Doris Hasbrouck Fund
Created in 1994 to honor Sherman J. and Doris Hasbrouck, parents of Sherman ’41, Douglas ’46 and Stephen ’58, and grandparents of Kimberly ’84, Laurel ’88 and Lynn ’91. Preference in awarding this scholarship is shown to students from Hudson, Ohio.

Holshuh-Leverton Scholarship Fund

Established in 2016 by Jake Holshuh '62 and Susan Leverton, this fund provides support for talented boarding students from Northeast Ohio.

Rupert Hughes 1888 Fund
Established in 1998 by William H. Roberts in memory of his great-grandfather, Rupert R. Hughes, Class of 1888.

Samuel F. Husat Memorial Fund
Established in 1983 by an anonymous alumnus with matching funds from a Knight Challenge Grant, this fund honors the memory of longtime Reserve faculty master Samuel Husat, who taught foreign languages from 1945 until his death in 1964. His legacy at Reserve also includes his son, Donovan ’64, and his two grandchildren, Nikki ’95 and David ’97.

Chandler T. Jones/Class of ’34 Fund
This fund was named for a revered faculty master who served at Reserve from 1926 to 1961, teaching English and serving as department chair for 35 years. In 1984, the Class of ’34 added substantially to this fund; later contributions were made after Jones’ death in 1989.

Kaplan Fund
This fund was created in 1998 by the Kaplan family, including Sid ’52 and his wife, Barbara; Sid’s mother, Mildred Kaplan; and his four children, Mary Jo ’78, Doug ’80, Linda ’83 and Janice. The scholarship is awarded to a boy or girl, preferably from Northeast Ohio.

John M. Kaufholz ’40 Fund
Established in 1995 by Mrs. Jessie L. Kaufholz with a gift from her husband’s estate, this fund honors the memory of John M. Kaufholz ’40 and is awarded annually to a student showing an interest in the field of science.

Gustavus A. Kaven 1890 Fund
Created in 1961 from the estate of Gustavus Kaven.

Charles R. & Dorothy M. Kirk Fund
Established in 1983 by John G. Kirk ’56 to honor his parents, Charles R. and Dorothy M. Kirk. Particular consideration is given to applicants showing leadership qualities as well as academic promise.

James L. Knight ’29 Fund
Established in 1987 by the Sisler-McFawn Foundation and other individual gifts, this fund is named in honor of James L. Knight, a member of the Class of 1929, who along with his brother, John, ran the Knight-Ridder newspaper chain for many years. Both brothers established the Knight Foundation in 1950, which has grown to one of the largest foundations in the country. Mr. Knight was a great benefactor for the school; his personal and foundation gifts provided the funding for the construction of the Knight Fine Arts Center.

Jean T. Lambert Fund
Created in April 2002 by the Board of Trustees of the Jean Lambert Foundation to support students at Western Reserve Academy who are residents of Ohio.

James F. Lincoln Jr. ’36 Fund
Created in 1988 in memory of James Lincoln Jr., with a gift from the Lincoln Electric Company as well as from Mr. Lincoln’s wife, Emma, other family members, friends and Lincoln Electric employees.

Sylvia Metcalf Lissa Scholarship Fund
Established in 2007 through a bequest from Sylvia Metcalf Lissa, wife of alumnus Harry Metcalf, class of 1902.

Frank H. Longstreth Scholarship Fund
Established to honor a well-respected faculty master whose Reserve career spanned 44 years. The fund provides a full scholarship for deserving students who are strong academically and demonstrate an ability in another area of school life such as art, theater, athletics or music.

Norman E. Malone ’51 Memorial Fund
Established in 1960 by the parents of Norman Malone, Jr. ’51. An Air Force pilot who loved flying, “Bud” Malone was killed when his jet crashed on take-off during a training mission at Hill Air Force Base in Utah. One of the brightest of his Reserve class, he was a member of the Cum Laude Society and a graduate of Princeton. His younger brother, Bain ’55, is also a Reserve alumnus, as are his nephew, W.P. Reed Howlett ’85, and niece, Christian Howlett ’81.

R.S. McCulloch Family Fund
Established in 2006 by Robert S. McCulloch III ’69 and his wife, Deborah, this scholarship is awarded annually to a boarding student who, without this financial assistance, would otherwise be unable to attend Reserve.

Ralph W. McGill Fund
Created in 1974-75 by students and friends of Ralph “Scotch” McGill, this fund honors the memory of a faculty master (1928-1958) who taught math and left a lasting impression on three decades of Reserve students.

Harry E. Metcalf 1902 Fund
This fund was originally established in 1974 through the generous gift of Harry Metcalf, with later gifts from his widow, Mrs. Sylvia Metcalf Lissa. Mr. Metcalf died in 1980. The fund provides scholarship support to a qualified applicant with a particular interest in and talent for the arts.

David B. Mickel ’57 Memorial Fund
Established in 1960 by family and friends, this scholarship honors the memory of a young Reserve alumnus and National Merit Scholar who exemplified the ideals of strength, intelligence, and goodness. David Mickel was from a family with many close ties to Reserve. His father, Ray, was a longtime member of the faculty; his mother, Ellen Scott Mickel, was an alumna of the Class of 1921; his two brothers, Daniel ’50 and John ’52, also graduated from Reserve.

Mrs. Tillie Midler Scholarship Fund
Established in 2002 by Andrew ’79 and Monique Midler in honor of Andrew’s grandmother, Mrs. Tillie Midler, a first generation American who realized that the opportunities that America presented were dependent on education – the very best education one could obtain, the scholarship is granted to an individual with high potential and integrity.

Midler Family Fund
Established in 2006, the Midler Family Scholarship is a full tuition, room and board grant to a student who is preferably in 9th or 10th grades. It is only available to students from Beaver County, Pa.; Columbiana or Jefferson County, Ohio; or Hancock County, W.Va. To qualify the student must have a 4.0 grade point average, 90th percentile or above on the Secondary School Achievement Test (SSAT) or 9th stanine score on the Independent School Educational Exam (ISEE), excellent recommendations from math and English teachers, and exemplary achievements in one or more extracurricular activities, with emphasis on academic recognition.

Joyce W. and H. Bruce Mueller Endowed Scholarship
This fund was established in 1999 in memory of Joyce Walli Mueller, the mother of three Reserve graduates, Brad ’78, Hal ’80 and Andy ’84, who was herself a high school educator of 40 years.

David S. Nicholson 1946 Memorial Fund
Established in 1980 by family, friends and classmates of David Nicholson, this scholarship fund is used to support outstanding applicants to Western Reserve Academy who would be unable to attend without financial assistance. Particular consideration is given to students showing leadership qualities as well as academic promise.

The John deZouche Nicolls and Barbara Caner Nicolls Endowed Scholarship Fund Established in 2014 by John C. Nicolls Class of 1968 to honor his parents this scholarship will be awarded to a suitable candidate who is an American citizen with preference given to citizens who were born in the United States.

Sarah H. Ogden 1982 Memorial Fund
Established in 1982 by family and friends to honor the memory of Sarah Ogden, who lost her life in an automobile accident following her sophomore year at Reserve. She is remembered as a conscientious and questing student possessed of both artistic talent and a marvelous ability to make friends. Special consideration is given to a young woman who is gifted as a dancer or artist.

Ong Scholarship Fund
Established in 1985 through a gift from Mr. and Mrs. John D. Ong, parents of three Reserve alumni, John ’78, Diccon ’81 and Katie ’83, and with the assistance of a Knight Challenge Grant. Mr. Ong also served as President of the Academy’s Board of Trustees from 1977 to 1995.

Harlan R. Parker Fund
Created in honor of Harlan R. Parker, teacher of Latin at the Academy from 1929 to 1959. Small of stature, great of mind and generous of spirit, a scholar and impressive teacher of the Latin language and its discipline, Harlan Parker also was concerned with the general development of his students’ talents and careers. This scholarship is given in recognition of his contributions to Reserve and its students.

Parry Family Scholarship Fund
Ceated in 1991 by W. Stuver Parry ’50, George Parry ’53 and James Parry ’58.

Paul M. ’27 & John S. ’28 Perkins Scholarship Fund
Created in 1988 by John Perkins ’28 on the occasion of his 60th Reunion.

Erik Persoff Scholarship Fund
Established in 2000 by James H. Nobil ’48 in memory of his stepson, Erik S. Persoff, after his untimely death in an automobile accident. Erik had planned to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston. He was a talented rock performer, actor, writer and award-winning cartoonist. He was also an active environmentalist and scholar. A classically trained pianist, Erik also played guitar, bass, drums and various wind instruments.

Daniel M. Phillips ’51 Endowed Fund
Established in 2001, in memory of Dan Phillips, with gifts from professional colleagues who had known Dan for the legal work he had done on behalf of asbestos victims.

LaRue W. Piercy Endowed Scholarship Fund
Established in 1983 by Mr. and Mrs. Norman Moore ’34 with the assistance of classmates and a Knight Challenge Grant, this fund honors a faculty master who taught English and served as news director, alumni secretary and advisor to the student newspaper during his 12 years at Reserve.

Pope International Student Fund
Created in 1995 by Edward J. Pope ’37 to provide financial assistance to a deserving and talented international student. Mr. Pope, who died in 1995, was an All-American swimmer; an award-winning film and television producer; advisor to the Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Armed Forces Europe; and representative of the Secretary of Defense for bilateral negotiations in 19 countries.

Verne & Marion Read Endowed Scholarship Fund
As one of five Read boys to attend Reserve (Thomas ’37, Verne ’40, David ’43, Frank ’44 and Douglas ’45), Verne wanted to give back to the school that had played such an important role in the lives of his family. Verne & Marion established this scholarship in memory of Verne’s brother, David ’43, who was killed during World War II in the Battle of the Bulge on Dec. 15, 1944. He was awarded the Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, and his name and Missing in Action are inscribed on a monument in the American Military Cemetery in Neuville en Condroz, Belgium. David’s remains were recovered in April 2001.

Reader’s Digest Scholarship Fund
Established in 1973 by the DeWitt Wallace Fund, this partial scholarship is reserved for a sophomore, junior or senior with financial need. DeWitt Wallace was the co-founder of Reader’s Digest and a strong supporter of the arts and education.

John W. Richey ’36 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established by Craig H. Richey, whose son, Lt. (j.g.) John Richey, was a World War II Navy pilot lost in action in the Pacific in 1945, leaving behind a wife and young daughter. Lt. Richey’s father created this scholarship in memory of his son and all other Reserve alumni who died in World War II.

Charles E. & Mabel M. Ritchie Memorial Scholarship Fund
Restricted to a Summit County, Ohio, resident, this scholarship was established in 1981 by the Charles E. & Mabel M. Ritchie Memorial Foundation.

The William F. ’51 and Linda C. Roemer Scholarship Fund The William F. ’51 and Linda C. Roemer Scholarship Fund established in 2014 provides scholarship funds to minority students from the FAME program in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If there are no suitable students from FAME in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, or if FAME ceases to exist, the Scholarship will be awarded to other talented and needy minority students.

William John Ross ’76 Memorial Fund
Established in 1978 by Mr. and Mrs. John Ross in memory of their son, a Western Reserve Academy graduate who was a National Merit semi-finalist and a dedicated member of the Reserve Record staff. Bill Ross aspired to a career in journalism; sadly, he was killed in an automobile accident in 1977. Preference is given to a student with demonstrated financial need who is interested in student publications.

Paul C. Roundy Endowed Scholarship Fund
Established by Stuart Leeb ’46 in 2000, this scholarship honors Mr. Roundy, a much beloved teacher of mathematics and history at Western Reserve Academy for 37 years. Beyond teaching, Roundy wore many hats during his career at Reserve, perhaps most important of all in his role as college guidance counselor. He was diligent and sensitive in directing each student to a college that he believed was suitable, and to which the student could be admitted.

Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Segal Scholarship Fund
Established in 2002 by Andrew ’79 & Monique Midler in honor of Andrew’s grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Segal, first generation Americans who realized that the opportunities that America presented were dependent on education – the very best education one could obtain.

Frances Comey Stevenson Fund
Created in 1985 by Nancy and James Stevenson ’43, this scholarship honors the memory of the Stevensons’ daughter, Frances, sister of Bruce Stevenson ’74 and David Stevenson ’77. Many additional gifts were received in 2000 in memory of James Stevenson ’43 who passed away in June 2000.

Mark & Amy Tercek ’75 Scholarship Fund
Established in 2004 by Mark and Amy Tercek, this scholarship provides support for a boarding student, with preference given to a student from a low-income family who lives in an urban area.

George H. Vaught ’46 Memorial Fund
Established in 1980 by family, friends and classmates of George Vaught ’46 to provide assistance to a student with outstanding journalistic or other writing ability. Known for his charm, manners and frankness, Mr. Vaught was a Princeton graduate, a naval intelligence officer, a newspaper columnist, a cowboy, and a radio and television writer, editor and producer. As a television producer, he won an Emmy Award for coverage of President Nixon’s historic trip to China.

William V. ’47 & Diana McKean Wallace Memorial Fund
Established in 1984 with a bequest from the estate of William V. Wallace, a member of the Class of 1947. Mr. Wallace was a strong supporter of Reserve throughout his lifetime. The son of a newspaperman, he pursued a journalism career with Steel magazine. Later he served as president of the Summit County Historical Society.

Fletcher C. Waller ’29 Memorial Fund
Created in 1984 by Mrs. Eleanor T. Waller to honor the memory of her husband. Fletcher Waller was a dedicated public servant whose career included stints at the Atomic Energy Commission and in the Department of War during World War II. A recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal, Mr. Waller believed strongly that public service is a contribution that more and more citizens should make to their country

Wells Family Scholarship Fund
Established in 2013 by Spencer Wells ’88. The scholarship will be awarded with a preference for talented and deserving students with demonstrated financial need from underrepresented populations.

William Westfall Memorial Fund
Established in 1993 by friends, parents and students of the revered faculty master, this fund was included in The Campaign for Western Reserve Academy. A consummate historian and world traveler who truly loved teaching, Mr. Westfall served as baseball coach and brought history to life in his discussion-oriented classes. During a Reserve career that spanned two decades (1971-1992), he taught his students to delve deeply into the challenges that life presented.

Robert S. Wilson & Mary Wilson Bowles Scholarship Fund
Created in 1959 by Robert S. Wilson. Mr. Wilson loved Reserve and gave many years of dedicated service to the school as a member of its Board of Trustees. He served as Board president from 1944 through 1966, overseeing critical years of the school’s growth and development with wisdom, generosity and strong leadership. Wilson Hall is named in his honor. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson’s two sons, John ’34 and David ’38, attended Reserve, as well as grandsons David Wilson ’63 and Dr. Robert S. Wilson ’65.

E. Mark Worthen & Eleanor Goddard Worthen Scholarship Fund
Established in 1989 by Dr. Hilary G. Worthen ’65, his wife, Kathy Weingarten, and his sister, Helena Harlow Worthen, to honor their parents, Mark and Eleanor Worthen. As part of the Western Reserve Academy community for nearly 35 years, the Worthens helped to shape the lives and social consciousness of countless Reserve students. Mark Worthen died in 1995.

The Wright Family Scholarship Fund The Wright Family Scholarship Fund was established in 2013. Preference will be given to students from Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Other Funds

Breuker/VanBuren Endowed Soccer Fund
In recognition of the fine soccer program offered at Western Reserve Academy and with the intention of supporting the teams with the funding necessary to maintain this high quality, the parents of soccer players at Reserve have created the endowed soccer fund to be used for special expenses that the girls and boys soccer teams may incur.

Green Key Endowment Fund
The Green Key Endowment Fund intends to promote and build strong leadership among current Reserve students. The income from this endowment would include, but not be limited to, the campus activities related to the Green Key Society, sending students to Outward Bound, NOLS and other off campus leadership training programs.

Douglas P. Handyside ’38 Music Fund
This fund was established in 1998 by Douglas P. Handyside ’38 to provide funding for private music lessons for one or more students who would otherwise be unable to undertake private study due to a lack of financial resources. Awarded to a musically talented candidate with an interest in further study in voice or on a musical instrument, the fund is intended for an individual who is broadening his or her musical capabilities by pursuing a second or even a third musical avenue.

Holsey Gates Handyside ’45 Chamber Music Fund
Established in 1973 by Holsey Gates Handyside ’45, the Chamber Music Fund fosters the playing, performance and study of instrumental chamber music (especially for wind instruments) at WRA. Designed to broaden and enrich the program of music instruction at Reserve, the fund may be used to expand the chamber music parts, scores and recordings library; augment coaching resources for student chamber music ensembles; provide for university, conservatory or professional chamber music groups or artists to visit and perform on campus; and support other related chamber music activities.

James L. Knight & Mary Ann Knight Fund
In 1975 James L. Knight ’29 and Mary Ann Knight established this fund so that WRA might annually host a Knight Fellow. Each year, through this special program, the Academy brings to campus for the week a guest speaker who is an expert in his or her chosen profession and possessed of broad interests, a vital personality and an ability to provide a memorable visit for students.

Frank H. Longstreth Endowed Track Fund
The track fund is established to guarantee the continuation of the legacy of Frank Longstreth with an emphasis on ensuring the continuation of the Spring Track Trip. This fund will contribute to the transportation cost of the trip as well as provide financial aid for students in need. In addition, the fund will support equipment and facilities needs of the track program.

Burton D. Morgan Foundation Lecture Series Fund
In 1993 The Burton D. Morgan Foundation established a fund to underwrite on-campus visits by speakers from the fields of economics, finance and banking, philanthropy, commerce and industry, and successful entrepreneurs. The purpose of the speakers series is to ensure that Reserve students are exposed to successful people from different professions so that Academy students might learn by example and experience.

William F. ’51 & Linda C. Roemer Endowed Fund
Bill and Linda Roemer established this fund in 2003 to support and encourage the Christian youth group at Reserve. The financial support from this endowment includes, but is not be limited to, the campus activities of organizations such as the FOCUS student fellowship group, as well as scholarship aid to participate in camps and seminars, short-term mission trips and other service opportunities.


Dr. Robert Aguilar - Susan & John '63 Steen Chair for Science and Mathematics

Established in January 2016, The Susan & John ’63 Steen Chair for Science and Mathematics supports teaching excellence in Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Mathematics.

Being a part of the WRA faculty community means growing both academically and personally through common experiences and conversations I share with my colleagues. I believe that our science and mathematics programs here at Western Reserve Academy equip our students with critical thinking skills that help them become proficient “troubleshooters” by thinking outside the box. They probably will never grow cancer cells again but they will know what it is like to keep an unwavering schedule, observe and tend to a project that has been placed on their shoulders. Our graduates are given the tools that help them become contributing members of society. Although I may have been the direct recipient of this award, it too belongs to our Science Department as a whole. For none of what I do would be possible without their support and commitment to the advancement of science. The obvious result of such an honor is motivation to continue and even further increase one’s level of performance. Our biotechnology program has grown from a single station to 14 fully-equipped stations and other equipment comparable to what we have in our lab at Cleveland Clinic. This has all been possible thanks to WRA’s openness to the Science Department’s new ideas, great colleagues that support one another and students whose interests make our programs highly popular.

Judy Chen - Ellen C. Long Chair in Modern Languages

This chair was established in 1992 by Ellen Long’s husband, T. Dixon Long ’51, and her children, Samuel D. Long ’84 and Maud Alison C. Long ’86, as part of The Campaign for Western Reserve Academy. In establishing this chair, the Long family stressed its intention to reinforce the excellent program in modern languages that Reserve has continued to offer to generations of students. The Longs, who spent many years abroad, believed that speaking the language of the country in which they lived was critical to understanding the people and their culture, and that a solid foundation in language is necessary to play an active role in today’s world.

“What I love most about teaching at Reserve is having great opportunities to inspire students academically and personally, seeing students grow in confidence over the years, and helping students not only see their strengths but also appreciate others’ good qualities. Additionally, learning is a two-way street and teachers are not the sole providers of knowledge and experiences. Students and teachers of WRA are more capable of seeing the world through an open mind by sharing different perspectives, experiences and cultures with each other. I am deeply honored to receive the Ellen C. Long chair in Modern Languages. I’d like to thank those who nominated me and recognized my teaching philosophy. I appreciate my dear colleagues who have always supported me in each and every area of school life. I’ll keep promoting cultural awareness, maintaining an inclusive curriculum and making meaningful connections across disciplines just like all teaching faculty in the Language Department have been doing. I’ll continue practicing my motto ‘Ichigo ichie’ which is a concept associated with Japanese tea ceremonies to remind people to value any gathering opportunity; for no two ceremonies, even with the same tea and same people, are alike. By practicing ‘Ichigo ichie,’ I treasure every time I meet with my students, so every class is new and unique, even though the same group of students meet at the same classroom frequently.”

Sherry Chlysta - Parents Chair for Distinguished Teaching

The Parents Chair for Distinguished Teaching was established by the parents of the Class of 1987, with the James N. Purse Memorial Fund as its principal donor. Selected by the Headmaster in consultation with others, the chair holder, who must be a senior master, is chosen for exceptional teaching ability as well as a deep personal and professional commitment to students.

Western Reserve Academy is an incredibly special place to me. I have lived in my house on campus longer than I have lived anywhere else, and it is truly “home” for me. WRA’s greatest strength is the dynamic people who make up this community. Our students and my colleagues are bright, motivated, and friendly. They come from such diverse backgrounds, making campus in some sense a true world community. The students stretch themselves in several areas at once --feeding their passions while stepping outside of their comfort zones. Their growth during the short time they are here is amazing. I am honored to share their triumphs, joys, and disappointments. How can they excel in so many different areas and still have time to smile and greet everyone by name? I love watching the cycle of new students struggling to fit in, then stand out, and then become leaders in their own way. There is always another leader being made and another new student taking a chance on life here. After 20 years at WRA, I know it is the energy of its people, especially its students, that keeps me young. Every day offers new joys and challenges for me and for my students, and I wake each morning welcoming what the day will bring.

Brand Closen - Independence Foundation Chair for Distinguished Teaching

Established in 1960 by the Independence Foundation of Philadelphia, this chair recognizes a distinguished full-time faculty member who is spending a major portion of his or her time in teaching as opposed to administrative or other duties. Only 19 boarding schools throughout the United States have been so recognized by the Independence Foundation.

“It is a great honor for me to follow Elizabeth Wirtz into this Chair. She is a great teacher and well-liked by everyone, so I was surprised by her departure but lucky that I received the award that she had in the past. I am grateful to the Independence Foundation for making it possible and happy to be selected. Teaching for me is all about the kids and the faculty. I have taught in other schools, but this is my only boarding school and you spend more time with the kids and get to know them on a different level than at public or even other private schools. This school has a unique atmosphere and familial feel to it and I think that is what students like about it too. It has been a great pleasure to serve at this school as both a teacher and administrator for so many years, and I hope that I have served the positions and the students well in my time here.”

Matt Gerber - The Cole Family Endowed Chair in Technology

Established in January 2016 and beginning in the 2017 academic year, The Cole Family Endowed Chair in Technology will be awarded to a teacher of exceptional talent and demonstrated acumen in the field of technology.

Western Reserve Academy and its students benefit from the technology program by providing us with the essential technology tools that promote engagement and support effective communication, collaboration, problem solving, differentiated learning, critical thinking and creativity. Technology at WRA should prepare our graduates and faculty with the skills that are essential for success in the increasingly complex, changing and connected knowledge society of the 21st Century. Technology is a tool that provides the capacity to innovate and solve complex problems and is one of the most critical skills we can bestow upon our graduates. The support of the Cole Family provides the resources to continue to provide our students with a sound technological foundation. The endowment allows for us to continue to provide tremendous support and opportunities beyond what we are currently providing and allows us to constantly stay abreast and apprised of new and emerging technology that can enrich and empower the learning experience for the WRA community. The WRA faculty community is a culture of learning, support and mentorship to our students. It is a wonderful community to be a part of as a faculty member. It is a great honor to be a part of a community that puts the students first and leaves such a lasting impact on their lives.

Sarah Horgan - Paul & Elinor Roundy Chair in History & Literature

This fund was established in 1982 by David Swetland ’34 to honor two of Reserve’s finest teachers, who by teaching and personal example provided David with a lasting appreciation of literature and history. The chair recognizes a senior faculty member for distinguished teaching and for the strong interdisciplinary interests cherished by the Roundys.

I am passionate about gardening and passionate about teaching history. After almost 30 years in the classroom, I've come to realize that these two passions are essentially one and the same. They both allow me to be intimately involved in a very rewarding process. Although I enjoy teaching and talking about history, what sustains me -- what keeps me showing up each fall -- is not so much the topics and concepts that I share with students, but the "second curriculum": the role I play in helping young adolescents to grow in to the people that they aspire to be. This profession is one of very few professions that, like gardening, allows one to nurture, tend and celebrate the successful maturation of a living entity, an entity both beautiful and unique. The interactions between teachers and students at WRA -- in the classroom, in the dorm, on the playing fields or over a good meal in the dining hall -- can be both challenging and rewarding, but they are always meaningful and make the small job I do each day helping students grow and find success feel significant and worthwhile. Just as a gardener's efforts and decisions determine the fate of the delicate plants in her garden, a teacher makes a million life-changing decisions each year that contribute to the successful development of a young person. In both cases, there are so many variables and unknowns. One never knows what a new season or school year will bring. This is what keeps me coming back each year: the sense of the unknown and the possibilities. It is a wild ride, but it is one that is always worth taking.

Gerard Manoli - Rollin W. Waite Chair in Mathematics & Science

Through the generosity of Charles ’60 and Susan Snyder, the chair was established in 2010 to attract and retain teachers of the highest caliber whose expertise, expectations, standards and lessons will inspire young people and help transform their lives.

I love mathematics and teaching mathematics, but I also love boarding school life. In the classroom, I enjoy guiding our willing and motivated students as they explore and discover the beautiful universe of patterns, symbolism, logical reasoning, language and application that is mathematics. Beyond the classroom, I love the many opportunities to be an approachable and supportive adult in the lives of WRA students in the dorm, in the dining hall and on the athletic field. WRA, to me, is not so much a school as it is a community of teachers, students, coaches, athletes, artists, families, colleagues and friends. In such a place, teaching is more than a job; it is a vocation and a way of life. For me, WRA has been the ideal place to pursue my vocation as a teacher, an ideal place to live and an ideal place for my wife and I to raise our own family.

Jeff Namiotka - Robert F. & Velia Pryce Chair in Modern & Classical Languages

Established September 2013, the Pryce Chair was established through the generosity of donors who wished to create a lasting legacy for Bob and Velia Pryce who enriched the lives of students and colleagues from the time of Bob’s arrival on campus in 1957 until they retired in 1995.

I count myself immensely fortunate to have found a teaching position (and home!) at so warm, welcoming, and generally congenial a school as Western Reserve Academy. My colleagues are helpful, passionate, and unquestionably dedicated. My students are truly eager to learn, not simply for the sake of a grade but from genuine interest, and they fully understand the role they must play in their learning and the work they must do to achieve their academic ends. Our administrators do absolutely everything in their power to support the teachers and students. In sum, I consider living and working at WRA as akin to winning the lottery of life.

Richard P. B. Ong '81 - H. Arthur Bellow Jr. '56 Chair

Established in 2013, the chair is awarded to an exceptional faculty member who is a dedicated and passionate teacher, a standout among the faculty known and respected for his or her deep commitment to students and faculty colleagues alike, and whose life and work are a testament to the School’s core values of excellence, integrity and compassion.

Dr. Beth Pethel - The Roush/Wayburn Chair in Environmental Studies

The Roush/Wayburn Chair honors a faculty master for distinguished teaching and dedicated service to Western Reserve Academy. The chair will be held by a senior faculty master who will oversee the development and implementation of a course in conservation studies as well as other environmentally related courses and programs.

I love being a part of this community. It is a privilege to walk into the classroom each morning. I enjoy the freedom and time to explore current scientific developments with my inquisitive, creative and hardworking students. Beyond the classroom, I have the opportunity to connect with these same students in so many ways -- as an advisor, as a coach, and in the dorm. It allows for much deeper and more meaningful relationships that last well beyond graduation. Life on campus is a "throwback" to the neighborhoods of the past, where everybody knows and cares for everybody. I also appreciate WRA for the community of practice that it supports. Saturday Academy, which allows faculty to design a unique course around their academic interests, is one example of the creative vitality of this place. Moreover, the school encourages and generously supports professional development opportunities. Overall, WRA is not only a great place to work, but also to live and raise a family.

Dr. Lisabeth Robinson - John W. Hallowell Chair in Philosophy and Ethics

This chair was established by John Griffiths 1950 in memory of John Hallowell, who was the headmaster from 1946 to 1967. During his tenure, Hallowell invited seniors to his home for breakfast and discussion on Sundays, which Griffiths felt to be extremely valuable and intellectually stimulating. That faculty master who, by way of his skill and dedication both in and out of the classroom, speaks to the issues of philosophy, ethics and societal responsibility will hold the Hallowell Chair. Further, the recipient must manifest and value academic rigor, intellectual growth, proper decorum and loyalty to Reserve.

Being a member of the WRA faculty has given me the opportunity to grow and to stretch. During my time here, I have acquired two additional degrees, in archaeology and in global health (the latter made possible with the Hallowell sabbatical). The archaeology degree stretched me intellectually and the second program in global health has allowed me to pursue studies that support my commitment to social justice. Besides the diversity and inclusion initiatives I have undertaken at our school, I would like to develop a course that examines global health challenges and asks students to create solutions. We need to be encouraging our students to become aware of what many in the world face and to be determined to help make our planet a more fair and equitable place. I consider the Hallowell Chair in Philosophy and Ethics an honor as it reinforces my inclination to take on tough issues and to help shape our students in becoming contributing, responsible citizens.

Jeffrey Warner - Edward E. Ford Foundation Chair

The chair was established in 1973 and honors a senior member of the faculty who has contributed significantly to teaching and learning at Reserve.

“When I started here over 30 years ago, there were so many amazing English teachers. Some were Chairs, some not — but all were deeply committed to the student. Sometimes more than their family, themselves and even to the school. It is an amazing honor to be awarded the Edward E. Ford Foundation Chair and be considered part of that great group of faculty members I so admire. Knowing the impact they made on students’ lives and thinking I have made similar impacts makes me proud since our students are truly unique. They are kind to one another, honest and believe that being here is a privilege, not a right. They combine Midwestern openness with the desire to be their best without the expectation of entitlement. They truly are the best part of WRA, and I am so appreciative of this role.”