Veterans Day Commemoration honors WRA alumni who made the ultimate sacrifice

Thank you to all who helped organize such a beautiful program.

A poignant tribute, today’s Veterans Day commemoration in the Chapel reminded this year’s Pioneers of peers from earlier years who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms. Dating from the Civil War, these WRA students worked on the yearbook, edited The Reserve Record, had nicknames, played sports, performed in plays, lived in dorms, attended top colleges, and had lives, aptly described by event organizer Dr. Lisabeth Robinson, reflecting those of the students in the Chapel pews today. 

“These individuals did not get to live out all of their dreams as they gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could live out ours,” said Dr. Robinson.

On the screen were photos and names of these ordinary people who stepped up in extraordinary circumstances. Current students read details of the lives of these men, informed by the work of WRA Archivist & Historian Tom Vince. Everything felt punctuated knowing that these individuals are forever memorialized in the now permanent WRA Alumni War Memorial that sits directly adjacent to the Chapel and was dedicated last year by impassioned alumni. We thank Brooke Anderson ’57, Harrison “Hub” Bubb ’57, and Dr. Loren Raymond ’58 for their leadership of this lasting tribute. 

Led by Fine & Performing Arts Department faculty member Midge Karam ’79, the Academy Choir lent voice and reverence to today’s event, with a musical interlude that felt reflective but hopeful.

Dr. Robinson also expressed gratitude for the veterans among us. Today and every day, the WRA family thanks Dr. Robert Aguilar (Science), Brad Justice (Mathematics), Dan Medkeff (Athletics) and Matt Molnar (Maintenance) for their service.

Dr. Robinson shared a literary lesson from Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes: evil only has the power that we give it. She said, “We must pursue a world where we can all enjoy freedom and peace.”