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the WRAP: Vol. 8
January 15, 2020
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Welcome to WRA's bi-monthly Admission Newsletter Volume 8. If you've missed previous issues click here to catch up!




In Episode 4, The WIC, learn more about The Wang Innovation Center — our 6,000-square-foot collaborative learning space — and take a look inside the ever-popular Technology Club LAN parties.

Pioneer Profile—Meet Delia
• Hails from Fredericksburg, VA
• Junior at Reserve
• Boarding student (2/3 of our Pioneers are boarding students)
Delia’s favorite spot on campus is the cozy green couch in the library by the fireplace. "I like to go there during study hours to clear my head, relax and knock out my homework."
Delia knew she wanted to be as involved in as many activities as possible at WRA. "My goal from freshman year was to involve myself in the community. And now as a junior, I am a prefect for my dorm, Ells 2, I’m a member of the Honor Council, Co-President of Service Leaders and a leader for REACH (Reserve Ethically Advancing Community Health). I’m also part of Junior Leadership of Hudson, and I’m an Admission Office Chief Ambassador. One of my favorite moments was working with other Service Leaders to organize WRA’s first Color Run to raise money for the Oglala Lakota Reservation at Pine Ridge, South Dakota."
social mission
While at WRA, Delia has developed a passion for dance. "During my sophomore year, I changed my art class from choir to dance. I wanted to try something that was outside my comfort zone, and I was so nervous and scared to do it because I had never danced as a young child. However, I surprised myself, and I’ve been taking dance here ever since!"
Delia never thought she’d want to go to boarding school, even though both her mom and sister graduated from Reserve. "I was comfortable with my life in Virginia and was scared to leave my friends and home. My parents encouraged me to lay out the pros and cons of attending, and I started to see how much I could benefit from going to Reserve. When I decided to apply, my parents made sure I knew that I could always come home. But once I was accepted, I could only see the amazing opportunities at Reserve. I’m so happy I’m part of a tight-knit community with so many supportive faculty and friends from around the world." 
College is already top of mind for this field hockey player! "I know I want to play field hockey in college, so as a student-athlete my college search looks a little different. I looked at schools that balance academics with athletics and put the student before the athlete. Last summer before starting junior year I started attending college camps, clinics, meeting coaches — all in addition to meeting with my college counselor every step of the way. My college counselor has been especially helpful and has always been supportive. I feel confident with the list of schools I am interested in, and I am hoping to be near the end of my college search soon!"
Why Delia Loves Reserve1
Campus Spotlight—library
library collage2

With 23,000 books, 90,000 eBooks and six librarians who are eager to lend a helping hand, the John D. Ong Library combines books, research and teaching areas with a wide array of information resources. Plus, with 33 study carrels, 10 study rooms and 14 cozy chairs and sofas, the library is the go-to spot on campus for studying.

Library Director Holly Bunt, who’s been with WRA for 25 years, says there’s a seat here for everyone. "Whether you are the type of person who wants to curl up in a comfy chair with a book next to the fireplace, meet with a study group in a conference room or work independently at one of our roomy study carrels, there is a place for you here." 

The library is also where the College Counseling and Archivist’s offices are located, and the library is often host to speakers and visitors too, like The New York Times best selling author of Ohio Stephen Markley, who spent time on campus and did a reading for students earlier this winter.  

The library is a tremendous resource for students, but as far as libraries go, it is also a beautiful space to be in and a great place to take in some of WRA’s history and fun artifacts. You might notice the 27 model ships on the top floor or the 16 historical maps throughout. Plus it's impossible to miss the two gargoyles who guard the roof of the library. And thanks to the Ong family who donated the gorgeous globe sculpture that sits in front of the reference desk, all who walk through the doors are reminded of the tie between books and adventures. 


winning tradition

Alongside traditions like ringing the Victory Bell is the time-honored practice of 100% student athletic participation. Every student is active, and their commitments can range from the most competitive varsity level to afternoon strength and conditioning. Whether you're an all-star or just starting out, there's an appropriate team for every student in our athletic program. 

"We are able to provide all of our student-athletes an athletic philosophy that allows for physical and mental growth, development, and competition in an education-based environment," says Director of Athletics and Afternoon Programs Herb Haller.

We see it not only as a healthy habit of living well, but also as a chance to learn about teamwork, perseverance, loyalty, sportsmanship, hard work and self sacrifice. Above all, it strengthens our sense of community and keeps us cheering for each other. 

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Pioneers in the news.



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Let's Wrap This Up

Important Admission Dates at WRA!

February 8: SSAT, registration - This is the last test date before our Boarding Student deadline.

We are two days away from our Day Student deadline and one month away from our Boarding Student deadline.

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January 17: Day Student Admission and Financial Aid applications due

February 14: Boarding Student Admission and Financial Aid application deadline

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