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the WRAP: Vol. 7
January 3, 2020
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Welcome to WRA's bi-monthly Admission Newsletter Volume 7. If you've missed previous issues click here to catch up!



A celebratory pin board in the WRA College Counseling Office shows the exciting acceptances for our Class of 2020 so far.

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WRA prepares students for some of the finest universities in the world. But more specifically, we help students get ready for the college that opens the door to their dreams. As of early decision this year, students are celebrating acceptances to Stanford, University of Chicago, Denison, Princeton, Bowdoin and more. 

The WRA College Counseling Office has more than 75 years of combined experience, with an average of one counselor for every 35 students, far below the national average. The work of our college counselors, supported by teachers, coaches, advisors and co-curricular mentors, means everyone on your team is supporting you in preparation for life after Reserve. 

Every year, more than 100 representatives from colleges all around the country and the world visit WRA's campus to meet interested students. We can't wait to learn about your college aspirations and introduce you to the College Counseling Office at Reserve!

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Pioneer Profile—Meet Jad
• Hails from Stow, OH
• Senior at Reserve
• Day student (1/3 of our Pioneers are day students)
Jad’s a senior so college is top of mind! “The important factors in my college search have been location, size and research opportunities for undergraduates. I have mainly been looking at medium-sized research universities that are in or near a big city. My college counselor has helped me locate schools that might be a good fit for me and has helped me with my supplemental materials. So far, I have been accepted into OSU’s Honors Program. However, nearly all of my applications are for regular decision, so I look forward to receiving the rest of my admission decisions in the spring.”
If you’re looking for Jad in between classes, there's a good chance you’ll find him in the Senior Space— his favorite spot on campus. “The Senior Space is located on the ground floor of the Chapel. It is a great place where the senior class can hang out with friends, do homework, take a study break, watch Netflix, play Wii and more.”
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Jad’s favorite class is Cancer Immunology with Dr. Aguilar. “I look forward to being in the WRA lab each class, where I feel that I am making positive contributions to the field of cancer research. Like me, all the Cancer Immunology students are super passionate and participate in some very interesting research through a variety of independent projects. I love sharing our findings with the community. Every year, we host a Cancer Immunology Expo, where each lab group presents about their project.”
Jad’s activities at Reserve include athletics and travel. “I play on the varsity soccer and track teams, and this year, I’m the ice hockey team captain. I was selected as a Caterham Scholar during my junior year, and I participated in a foreign exchange program in England last summer. For the past three years, I have been a peer tutor during supervised study hall, where I am available to assist other students with any subjects.”
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Jad chose Reserve for many reasons. “I wanted challenging and interesting academics that my previous school lacked, and many courses at Reserve fell into this category and caught my attention. Beyond the classroom, I wanted a more diverse student body where I could learn about a variety of new cultures and backgrounds. Reserve also had far-reaching resources and connections that would allow me to study abroad and conduct internships at prestigious places like the Cleveland Clinic. I completed a four-week internship in the Tuohy Lab at the Cleveland Clinic, where I had the opportunity to learn about the lab’s breast cancer vaccine and assist with ongoing research.” 
Why Jad Loves Reserve
Campus Spotlight—Chapel
The Chapel, Western Reserve Academy's most recognized building, was built in 1836. The historic building was restored in 2015 and remains the focal point of Brick Row, playing host to frequent gatherings throughout the year. It's the site of Convocation at the beginning of each academic year, as well as all-school Morning Meetings every Monday and Friday. Students give their senior speeches on stage in the Chapel, and alumni often come back to get married here! The Chapel is listed on the U.S. Department of Interior's National Historic Places and is one of the most beautiful buildings on campus.
Beyond Reserve

Beyond Reserve is a collection of elite, intensive summer opportunities for top students to gain practical experience working in real-world settings with alumni and friends of Reserve. These opportunities are often exclusive to students at WRA and made available to rising juniors and seniors. Beyond Reserve allows students to find programs that align with their passions and provide transformational experiences off campus and around the world, from the Cleveland Indians to UC Berkeley and beyond.

Director of Programs John Gordon works year round on Beyond Reserve programs. "2019 was a busy summer for our Pioneers. A few standouts included seniors Elizabeth W. '20 and Ilyana S. '20 who spent two weeks in Germany doing research at Heidelberg International Summer Science School, and Max. S. '20, who spent his summer shadowing a cardiologist and pediatrician in Denver, CO. Jacob G. '20 worked in the Creative Design Division of Little Tikes here in Hudson. Jasmine W. '20 interned with the film team at The Story Is, a Cleveland video production company. Erika C. '21 spent part of her summer at TechStyleLab— located at Kent State University's nationally recognized Fashion Design and Merchandising School."

Other organizations who partner with Reserve include:

Case Genetic Research Institute

Baylor Medical Center

Goodyear Tire Company

Wells Fargo

Little Tikes

Akron Rubber Ducks

Yale University's National Youth Leadership Forum For Business Innovation

JoAnn Fabrics

ABC News 5 TV Sports

Binary Defense

The Cleveland Indians

Nightingale Opera Theater

Akron's WZIP Radio Station

According to Gordon, Beyond Reserve internships are can't-miss opportunities for Pioneers. As interesting and meaningful as our in-school curriculum is, Beyond Reserve internships create applied experiences with working professionals that develop relevant skills for careers and life. Participants keep to a work schedule, develop problem-solving skills and learn to conduct themselves as respectful and responsible adults in a workplace⁠— all while learning about their areas of interest. The Beyond Reserve program can have a transformational impact on goal setting and the dreams our students choose to chase.

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Let's Wrap This Up

Important Admission Dates at WRA!

Day Applications are due in 14 days!

January 17: Day Student Admission and Financial Aid application deadline

February 14: Boarding Student Admission and Financial Aid application deadline

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