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the WRAP: Vol. 6
December 17, 2019
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Welcome to WRA's bi-monthly Admission Newsletter Volume 6. If you've missed previous issues click here to catch up!
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In Episode 3, "Wrapped," learn more about our Ellsworth Dining Hall in a foodie face-off where students test their creative culinary skills.
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Sarah Latzke 2
Pioneer Profile—Meet Sarah

• Hails from Powell, OH
• Senior at Reserve
• Boarding student (2/3 of our Pioneers are boarding students)
• To date, Sarah has been accepted to Harvard University and The Ohio State University Honors Program

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Sarah's favorite spot on campus is Reserve's most iconic building, The Chapel. "It's such a historic place rich with tradition (much like Reserve itself). The Chapel is where we all come together as a community twice a week during Morning Meeting to sing the alma mater and make announcements."
While it's no question Sarah loves her choir class with Ms. Karam, she was pleasantly surprised to discover how much she enjoyed Honors Physics too. "I've done very well in science classes over the years, but I was never really into science before I came to WRA.  However, I love Ms. Boesch and her Honors Physics course here.  She makes her lessons so engaging, and I find it interesting to understand the science behind how things work.  I never thought I would truly enjoy a science course, but Ms. Boesch has changed that!"
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Sarah’s had no problem finding extracurricular activities after classes end for the day. “During the fall, I played on the varsity golf team. I am currently running indoor track and will be running outdoor track in the spring. I am also an active member of Service Leaders, the community service club on campus.”
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Sarah’s passion for singing has been fostered at Reserve in ways she never imagined. “At Reserve, I have had the opportunity to participate in choir, a cappella choir and the fall musical, Footloose.  Earlier this year,  I also had the opportunity to help sing in and work on the school’s new admission video, “Reserve Moments.” You can catch me singing in the Wang Innovation Center (WIC) scene, and you might hear my voice as the higher one during the chorus!  I worked for many hours with The Film Guys to record and create the harmonies for the chorus and rework some of the lyrics, too.” 
Reserve Moments
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College has been on Sarah's mind for a while and never more than entering her senior year. Sarah was seeking a top-tier college that had many possible options for majors and minors and an environment filled with highly motivated, serious students.  Her WRA college counselor played a crucial role in her college search and application process.  "We were in contact over Skype and created a plan before I had even stepped foot on campus as a new senior.  My counselor helped me seek out scholarship opportunities and brainstorm ideas for my personal essay too.  I am absolutely thrilled to share I've been accepted to Harvard University and The Ohio State University Honors Program so far."
Sarah loves Reserve
Campus Spotlight—HaydenHall2
WRA is home not just to students, but to faculty and their families, too — more than 80% of Reserve teachers live on campus. It’s just one of those things that makes the boarding school experience truly distinctive. And, it means students move beyond academic buildings and have an opportunity for extra interactions with their support systems on campus. They find that support in homes like Mr. BB's, located on Baldwin Street, where no one can miss the iconic "Gingerbread" house that he and his wife Kali call home. Ms. Boesch lives on College Street, and just this week her house was the site of a dim sum dinner with her advisees. Earlier this holiday season, Mrs. Biehn invited students over to decorate cookies. 
fun fact Rain2
Throughout the year, students gather for dinner in faculty homes and around campus for all-school advisory dinners. Last week it was pancake night at Ms. Barth's in Long House, Chipotle with Mr. Gordon at Seymour House and cupcakes at Ms. Karam's. Advisory dinners happen at least four times a year and they're a beloved tradition for students and faculty alike! 
student leadership

Student leadership plays a big role at WRA with opportunities for students in every grade. Chances to inspire others, do more, learn more and be more are open to everyone. You can captain a team, sit on the honor council, act as a prefect in your dorm (like a college RA) or work as a Chief Ambassador with the Admission Office — just to name a few. In fact, if you’ve visited WRA you’ve likely spent time with one of our 54 Chief Ambassadors while touring campus, sitting together during lunch or visiting a class.    

Dean of Student Life Wendy Skinner describes student leaders as role models on campus: “Student leaders are the driving force of much of the dynamic energy at WRA. Our very positive student culture would not be so authentic without our student leaders. Whether encouraging a shy ninth grade boarder to try something new as a Dorm Prefect, cheering on a home athletic event as a Dub Club leader or working with the administration on a new idea as a Student Council Representative, student leaders at Reserve serve as positive change agents, and they help keep our traditions current and alive.” 

student leadership2
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Let's Wrap This Up

Important Admission Dates at WRA!

January 4: SSAT, registration
This is the last date before our Day Student application deadline. We will receive your scores in time.


View the Applicant Checklist here.

January 17: Day Student Admission and Financial Aid application deadline

February 14: Boarding Student Admission and Financial Aid application deadline

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