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the WRAP: Vol. 10
February 13, 2020
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Welcome to WRA's bi-monthly Admission Newsletter Volume 10. If you've missed previous issues click here to catch up!

WRAp Finale


WRAp Episode 6

In Episode 6, That’s a WRAp, we take a look back at all of the fun we had with the show. 

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Pioneer Profile—Meet Cam
• Hails from Grand Blanc, MI
• Sophomore at Reserve
• Boarding student (2/3 of our Pioneers are boarding students)
Cam found Reserve through basketball. “After hearing about Reserve from my coach, my parents and I did some research. After visiting, we fell in love with the education and culture here. We were hooked!”
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Cam chose boarding school because of how different it was from schools closer to home. "The availability of resources really struck me as unique. Plus, I really enjoyed the idea that I would be in charge of managing my own time and that I would be encouraged to focus on my own personal success — I’ve never seen that emphasized at any other school I visited. And, I love living in Wood House. Being in a dorm has taught me a lot about how to be independent, and I’ve become really close with everyone in my dorm — it feels like home."
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Cam’s favorite spot on campus is the Murdough Athletic Center (MAC). "I'm a gym rat and love being able to use the field house whenever I want to. I’m in there all hours of the day and shooting hoops as often as I can. I feel like basketball teaches a lot of life lessons that everyone can learn from. I've met so many new friends playing basketball at Reserve, and I’ve built relationships with so many people from around the world because of it!"
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When it comes to favorite classes, Cam loves Learning to Communicate with Mr. Preston. "He creates such a comfortable learning environment. I always look forward to this class. I love exploring the minds of other people. It’s my dream to be a neurologist when I grow up. Learning to Communicate allows me to talk to other people and gain different perspectives." 
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Before coming to Reserve, Cam had not studied computer science, but after taking classes in The Wang Innovation Center (The WIC), he’s found a love for digital fabrication. "Reserve opened that door early on for me. My first semester here I was taking Engineering and Digital Fabrication in The WIC."
Why Cam Loves Reserve
Campus Spotlight—Wilson
Wilson Hall3

Wilson Hall sits just off Brick Row near Seymour Hall and next to the John D. Ong Library and the Knight Fine Arts Center. Students flock to Wilson for their science classes — Pathobiology, Ecological Sustainability and Biotechnology to name a few — and 8 science laboratories, including the state-of-the-art Cancer Immunology lab. 

The Cancer Immunology lab is filled with more than $300,000 worth of professional-grade equipment, including a small centrifuge, a freezer for bacteria and a liquid nitrogen freezer stocked with different types of cancer cells — all modeled after similar labs at the Cleveland Clinic. 

In the center of Wilson Hall, you’ll find the popular Wilson Reading Room — one of the coziest spots on campus. The Wilson Reading Room is a great place to hang out between classes. It’s also the spot for student Coffee Houses (held during exam weeks), holiday cookie parties and formal events throughout the year.

Wilson Hall is home to the Student Life Office and our deans. Dean of Student Life Wendy Skinner describes the office as a place to come by for a high five, advice, a late note, a band-aid and everything in between.

“Students come and go from our office all day long — and it is not just for the candy! The Student Life Office ensures that our community is inclusive, safe and nurturing. We are there to engage students outside of the classroom. We host weekend activities, student clubs and organizations, and we work with student leaders on their development as they make positive change happen here at Reserve. Reserve students are busy in and outside of the classroom, and we truly believe that their work in that regard helps them develop lifelong skills — along with some grit and resilience.”


Academic Distinctions

Through academic, artistic and leadership opportunities, each year WRA students cultivate their passions and earn national and international distinctions. In the spirit of learning for life, Pioneers harness these accolades to better display their passions while at Reserve, during summer internships and as they plan for college.

Every year, the list of accolades is different, telling a story about the diverse passions that characterize our student body.

Talented opera singer Rain W. ’20 placed first in Ohio at the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) student auditions. So far, Rain has been accepted to Stanford University and plans to continue studying music in college. 

Senior filmmaker Noah L. ’20 used Episode 5 of The WRAp, “Hudson,” (which he co-wrote) as part of his college admission package and secured his acceptance to Princeton.

This summer, Science Department faculty member Dr. Roberto Aguilar will take second year Cancer Immunology lab partners Carl Z. ’21 and Tiger M. ’21 to Hawaii, where they’ll present their Abstracts at the American Association of Immunology Conference. Carl and Tiger will be the only two high school students presenting. 

“This conference is full of the World’s leading scientists, doctors and college graduate students — WRA will be the only high school there. Tiger and Carl have worked hard to present unique unpublished research, and the reward is that their data and abstracts will be seen by the most accomplished in the field of Immunology. This is a huge accomplishment for anyone, but it is especially significant for high schoolers.” 

The list of Pioneers pursuing passions goes on; like Sam B. ’21, who placed first in the City of Hudson Hack-a-thon, our many Eagle Scouts and Girl Scouts who earn Gold Awards. No matter where your passions lie, Reserve provides opportunities to shine and earn distinction, with lessons and pride to carry through to college and life.

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Pioneers in the news.

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almost maine

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Let's Wrap This Up

Important Admission Dates at WRA!

Tomorrow is our boarding application deadline!

 Please be sure you have submitted your materials in order to be included in our first round of admission decisions. Contact your admission director with any questions - we will be as flexible as possible!

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