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News for New Families
April 30, 2021
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Welcome to our series of communications for newly enrolled families. Each month, you’ll receive a newsletter with updates and reminders about completing steps related to the start of the school year. We'll provide a calendar of important dates and deadlines and help you keep track of your progress with a monthly checklist shown below.

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For the most up-to-date information on all things enrollment visit wra.net/newfamilies. A comprehensive checklist and all enrollment resources, newsletters and events will be available on this webpage.

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WRA's professional nurses, counselors and our board-certified pediatrician are excited to welcome you to Western Reserve Academy! Our dedicated team looks forward to serving as health advocates for your student throughout their tenure here. In fact, we want to begin processing their health information now. Please reference our instructions for WRA health forms to access our online Magnus Health forms. Please complete the parent portion of the health forms by May 30. In addition to physical exam information, we are also seeking COVID vaccination status information for your student. If you have any questions about our forms or our health service or if your child has any special healthcare needs, contact us at healthcenter@wra.net.


Students are required to bring to campus a privately owned laptop computer that is capable of connecting wirelessly to our campus network. The device must be portable and will be used regularly throughout the class day. Click here for more information about our BYOD program, guidelines and FAQs. If you have any questions please contact technology@wra.net.

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Here are some helpful resources for you and your new Pioneer.

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10 Tips to Prepare

what to pack

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Next month you will receive a special edition of the newsletter devoted to Academics.

meet the bucks 

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Since arriving on campus in the summer of 2019 as WRA's 32nd Head of School, Suzanne Walker Buck, her husband Johnny and their daughter Halsey have reinvigorated Reserve with energy and joy. You'll regularly see Suzanne sign her letters "Hooray for Life!" and give students resounding praise in a single word of pride and encouragement..."Woohoo!" Before earning degrees from Connecticut College, Columbia and Harvard, Suzanne attended boarding school, crediting its transformational power in her life. The Bucks live on the north end of campus in Pierce House, a historic home that's been redesigned and reinvented as a warm, welcoming and always-open spot for Pioneers and their families. Johnny teaches art at WRA and also coaches. Halsey will be a sophomore in the fall. Suzanne believes anything is possible with positivity and passion, and has led the school through even the most trying times with initiatives to build community and raise spirits. Suzanne’s leadership, and Reserve’s spike in enrollment during COVID-19 caught the eyes of industry experts at the National Association of Independent Schools, and in March were featured in the New York Times. The Bucks can't wait to see you and welcome your family to your second home at WRA.

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View all of this and more on wra.net/newfamilies!

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