Chief Ambassadors

Get to know us.

At Western Reserve Academy, we feel the best way for prospective students to learn about life here on campus is through our current students. Our Chief Ambassadors are students who will show you everything WRA has to offer, and share with you their own experiences at WRA.

Abby '18 | Grosse Ile, Michigan

After I finished my freshman year at a public high school in Michigan, I decided to apply to WRA to better my education and surroundings. At WRA, I took a second freshman year in order to get the full, four-year experience. I can now say making the decision to switch to Reserve was something I will forever be grateful for. Reserve fosters a close-knit community offering a very good support system. Whether it is a coach, a teacher or a classmate, everybody here has shown interest in my success as a student, athlete and person. Another great thing that I have noticed during my time here is that the opportunities are endless at Reserve. There are a tremendous amount of clubs to join as well as many different art programs to enroll in. I also enjoy the athletic programs because each team feels like its own family. My teammates always push me to be my very best. Not only does this encouragement happen in athletics, but it is also very evident in the classroom. I admire how interested the teachers are in each of their students and how readily available they are to help. Reserve has opened many new doors for me and I am beyond thankful for the relationships and the unforgettable memories that I have made here.

Alex '18 | Hudson, Ohio

Beginning the high school search back in eighth grade, I was very particular about what I wanted in the school I would attend for the next four years. As I did my research and visited Western Reserve Academy, all of my standards were met and surpassed. The sense of community, as well as support and respect, I experienced just within that one short visit was enough to win me over. I could immediately picture myself as a Pioneer and knew this place would be one I eventually called home. My excitement to be a part of the Reserve community only grew as I learned more of the opportunities I would be exposed to in the following years. Reserve has allowed me to develop, mature and explore myself in a supportive environment filled with people who care and want to help me succeed.

Annemarie '17 | Akron, Ohio

I have dreamt of attending WRA since the fourth grade. Now that I am here, it is all that I have imagined. I have a phenomenal advisor, wonderful teachers, coaches, and peers. The curriculum is challenging and pushes me to set and attain my lofty goals. Friendships formed here go beyond class divisions as there is a singular sense of community. Support is a universal theme which WRA prides itself on. WRA is and always will be my home away from home!

Andrew '17 | Ft. Knox, Kentucky

I decided to follow in the footsteps of my dad and attend Western Reserve Academy. After looking at a few other boarding schools I visited Reserve and immediately knew it was the place for me. Going to school here allows me to take advantage of so many great opportunities that I would not have had elsewhere. I am on the wrestling and football teams, serve as a prefect in Wood House, and am a Morgan Leader. After growing up hearing stories about my dad’s years here at Reserve it's now my turn to tell him all of mine. I have no regrets about coming to Reserve and I feel like I have learned so much both inside and outside the classroom that will help prepare me for the rest of my life. Reserve has played a huge role in making me who I am today, and I know the memories I have made over the past few years will stay with me forever. WRA will always be a place that I consider my second home.

Angela '18 | Stow, Ohio

When I was in first grade my dad’s friend introduced him to Western Reserve Academy, and immediately my parents wanted me and my sister to come here. They began to tell me how beautiful the campus is, and how excellent the academics are. I was never sold on the idea of attending WRA until I visited the school. I quickly noticed the close community, and everyone’s bright and compassionate personalities. I learned that this school is a place for students to grow and become who they are. Now that I am in my third year at Reserve, I can say that I have never regretted my decision to come here. This school has helped me try activities that I never thought I would, and has introduced me to incredible, and friendly people. WRA’s sports requirements, ECHO modules and its open performing arts program are just some of the things that have forced me to leave my comfort zone and experience new activities. All the lessons I have learned, and memories I have made here at Reserve will stick with me forever.

Ben '18 | Evergreen, Colorado

WRA has been a part of my family before my high school experience even began. Both my parents, and my aunt and uncle attended WRA. I have been visiting campus and sports events for years and I knew this was the place for me. The moment I stepped on campus for the first time, and during my freshman year I was very excited to be here. My parents told me of the traditions held at WRA and how tightly-knit the community was. I was amazed to see the community was just as it was when my parents graduated. Reserve has lead me to be an independent young man. I am a member of the varsity lacrosse, hockey and soccer teams. As a boarder, I am able to establish relationships with teachers and classmates that I would not have had at any other school. I board with my best friends and live on a beautiful campus. I am thankful for WRA and the opportunity it has given me.

Brett '17 | St. Catharines, Canada

I became aware of Western Reserve Academy in the fall of my sophomore year because of the lacrosse program. I was looking at some of the best high schools on the East Coast but they did not have the same feeling as WRA. Although the school year had already started, I decided to transfer here mid-year to begin my WRA experience. It was a hard choice to make but after my visit, I knew WRA was right for me. Since being here, I have had only great experiences and have connected with people from around the country and world. The unique Reserve experience brings me out of my comfort zone and forces me to be a better student. I can honestly say that being a part of the WRA community has impacted me and will continue to change me for the better.

Brigie '18 | Westlake, Ohio

If you were to ask me three years ago where I would be attending high school, my response would not have been WRA. Now, if you were to ask me if I was happy with my decision to attend WRA, there would not be enough time in the world for me to explain the love I have for Reserve. When I arrived on campus, I was immediately taken by its beauty. Having the opportunity to shadow a student, walk in her footsteps and view the campus through her eyes was a completely transforming experience for me. The Reserve community differed from my other school choices by one of life’s simplest actions: A smile! As I walked around trying to take it all in, I was greeted by everyone as if I had known them for years — and that was the deciding factor for me. You grow a lot in four years and I am glad the WRA community has been my companion through it all. If asked to identify what I love most about WRA, my response would definitely be the warm, welcoming community. I am honored and forever grateful for the opportunities, friendship and family to which Reserve has welcomed me.

Brooke '17 | Hudson, Ohio
Ever since I’ve stepped foot on our beautiful campus, I felt an instant connection. My freshman year I fell in love with the people I met, not only my friends, but the faculty as well. The teachers consistently push you outside of your comfort zone, to be the best version of you. They see the potential in you, before you see it in yourself. Not only has WRA challenged me in the classroom and athletic events, but also by participating in service trips. This past summer, I traveled to the Dominican Republic with Reserve to help those less fortunate. Upon returning, I try to keep everything in perspective and appreciate the small things in life. Looking back, other schools wouldn’t have offered me the opportunity to travel the world, or to believe in myself as much as I do now, and I have my friends and faculty to thank for that. WRA is an amazing school and I’m proud to call it my second home.

Caleigh '17 | Hudson, Ohio

Transferring in as a new junior, I knew Reserve could provide me with opportunities that would prepare me for college and my future career. I quickly realized that it was, and would be, so much more to me. I was welcomed into the community with open arms and soon felt like I had found the place where I could grow both as a student and as a person. I know that I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t made the decision to come here. I never thought I’d play another sport except basketball, but now you can find me on the tennis courts in the fall. I never thought I would write for my school newspaper, and now you can find my articles in various editions of the Reserve Record. This is the place where I have met some of my best friends; and this is the place where I made some of my favorite memories, where I did my best work, and where I tried something totally new. Two years is not enough time, but there is nowhere else that I would rather spend my last two years of high school. I was worried that I didn’t have what it took to go here, but Reserve taught me that I am capable and prepared, not just for this chapter of my life, but for the next one as well. I love Western Reserve Academy, and I feel proud to be a Pioneer.

Calum '18 | Houston, Texas
WRA was one of the 10 boarding school I applied to, I was immediately drawn to it because of the sense of community and everyone's kindness. Nowhere else I looked struck me like WRA. I came as a new sophomore and barely had time to be nervous because everyone helped me fit in so quickly. The academics and athletics have helped me manage my time and enjoy my high school experience more. I know I made the right decision when I came for the first day of preseason and I still think that way today.

Cameron '17 | Twinsburg, Ohio

Being from Twinsburg and having an aunt who is an alum, I had known of Reserve and its traditions from a young age. Growing up in a public school system, I never saw myself switching to a private school, especially during sophomore year. As expected, starting at a new school seemed terrifying, even more so knowing that your class has already had a year together to get to know each other. But, what I never expected was that I'd make friends and become a part of the Reserve family so quickly. Starting from day one on campus, I met many new people and created friendships that will last forever. The transition was made easy thanks to all of the great students and faculty. Making the switch to Reserve has been one of the best decision I've made. A Reserve education is unique and very special and WRA gives students opportunities that no other place can offer. As a student, you are forced out of your comfort zone and encouraged to become the best person you can. Reserve continues to prepare me not only for college but also life, and I am thankful for the opportunity to attend such a great school. Being a part of the Reserve family is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Camila '17 | Miami, Florida
I have lived in many cities, and I have been a part of many different communities and there is nothing like Western Reserve Academy. It’s truly a warm and lovely community. At first I was taken aback by the kindness of every student — it was a cheerful feeling. Coming from where the sun, sand and ocean meet, to a small town in Northeast Ohio, was a huge change for me but I believed Reserve was the right choice. I came to WRA as a new junior, and quickly caught the Pioneer Pride. I am an outgoing, confident and overall happy person, and this is why I wanted to be a Chief Ambassador. I love meeting new people, and if I can put a smile on your face then I have done my job. Western Reserve Academy has taught me to embrace all aspects of life and take new experiences head on with a positive attitude, and for that I am thankful.

Danny '17 | Aurora, Ohio

Reserve has allowed me the opportunity to pursue all my vast interests. I can run, sing, perform, learn, philosophize, dance, serve and so much more. But most importantly, I get to be a part of this amazing community. Reserve is a tight-knit bond of lifelong friends who truly care about you. I am so grateful for my once in a lifetime experience at WRA.

Elizabeth '17 | West Lafayette, Indiana
My first tour and visit to WRA sealed the deal. I knew I wanted to be a student here. It was a cold and snowy day, but I still felt the warmth of the community. Teachers and students were so friendly everywhere I went. The strong community feeling was undeniable. I noticed that there were no expected roles for students. For example, I heard about how many wrestlers were currently enrolled in dance. Now as a student here I know this to be true. It is a small community and everyone can excel at something. I have come to love the relationships that I have developed with faculty and other community members. The faculty all want to see the students succeed academically, but also get to know us outside the classroom. That all-encompassing relationship includes going to their house for study sessions, spending time with your advisor, getting to know their pets, or having them as a coach. I know I have a community that wants to see me succeed beyond the classroom for the rest of my life.

Erik '17 | Hudson, Ohio

Reserve has been so much more than a school for me, it has been a catalyst of opportunity. Each year has brought with it personal growth in a variety of academic subjects, athletic, social and extracurricular activities. WRA has offered me numerous leadership roles, from Student Body President to Honor Council Representative. WRA has also given me the ability to explore personal interests through its many clubs and extracurricular activities. When asked to define WRA and what it means to me, I would say it gives one opportunities unlike any other high school. I know I will have a lifetime of fond memories from my many experiences at Reserve. As I look to the future, I will never forget my past and the foundation that Western Reserve Academy has provided me.

Jaret '17 | Aurora, Ohio

When I first saw came to Western Reserve Academy's campus, I was struck by the beauty of it. From the trees to the lawns to the flowers, WRA is easily one of the most beautiful places in Hudson. The place is living history with its picturesque views and antique buildings. I suppose that I fit into this puzzle when I became a 'neer my freshman year in 2013. Before that I was a pretty average kid, but WRA helped me find some of my interests. I am one of the editors of the Reserve Record, the longest running newspaper in historic Hudson, Ohio. Even though we pour an inordinate amount of time into producing the newspaper, it is still one of my favorite activities at WRA. I am also a student tutor. Some of my favorite classes at WRA include English with Mr. Warner, European History with Mr. Davies, Math with Mrs. Bonomo, and Latin with Mr. Namiotka. Currently in my junior year, I partake in three interscholastic sports: cross country, swimming, and track. Some of my best memories have been with the people on these teams.

Joey '17 | Hudson, Ohio
From the moment I first stepped on campus, I knew that WRA was the place that I was meant to be. I applied to a few other private high schools in the area, but what really drew me to choose WRA was the uniqueness that it had compared to these other schools. The competitiveness of the academics and athletics, and the relationships that I have formed with my teachers, coaches, classmates, and teammates have made WRA a truly special place for me and have shown me that I made the right decision. WRA is a place full of opportunities. I am thankful and unbelievably fortunate for all the opportunities that have been presented to me in my first two years at WRA, and I am excited to see what the future holds for me here.

Julia '17 | North Royalton, Ohio
I did not know anyone the day I arrived on campus for my first day of preseason freshman year. Before I knew it I found myself in an incredible community with supportive peers and teachers. The sense of community at WRA is unmistakable and makes the school truly feel like home. I know that the relationships I have made at WRA with not only my peers, but with my advisor and teachers as well, will last far beyond my Reserve days. The encouragement and support I have received at WRA has helped me to achieve many of my goals so far and will continue to impact my future.

Kate '17 | Copley, Ohio

Throughout my high-school search process, Western Reserve Academy consistently remained at the top of my list. WRA had all the elements I was looking for in not only a school, but in a place I would call my home. I was already aware of the rigorous classes and WRA’s high reputation, so I looked deeper into the student life and other aspects beyond the classroom. From the wide range of weekend activities, to various travel opportunities, there is always something to look forward to at Reserve. WRA is a transformative place, where I have become independent and resourceful. Reserve offers me unique opportunities, including living in the dorm with my closest friends, and learning about the different cultures of the world through the diverse student body. My most memorable moments range from close matches on the tennis court, to intriguing conversations with faculty members at sit-down dinners. Reserve has impacted me in all positive ways, and coming here was the right decision for me.

Katie '17 | Hudson, Ohio

When I first came to WRA, I was extremely shy and didn’t want to be involved in anything on campus. But being a student at Reserve means that you have to do the exact opposite. You have to be open-minded, welcoming, and immerse yourself into the community from the very beginning and I began to realize that the relationships you form at Reserve will change your life completely. The faculty have become like my second parents, my best friends have become my second siblings, and WRA has become my second home. Reserve has given me opportunities to travel to amazing places, such as Ghana and China, and to meet the most amazing people. These memories have changed my life for the better, and I would never have been given these chances of a lifetime if I had chosen another school.

Katy '17 | Seoul, South Korea
When I first came to Reserve, I was nervous to become a part of a new community with a completely new group of people. However, the welcoming and warm-hearted nature of WRA made my transition easy. In an environment where all of us are so tightly connected to each other, I was able to meet many new teachers and friends, that helped make me comfortable in the place I am now able to call “my home.” What I love about Reserve, besides this supportive group of people, is that it is full of opportunities that are not given anywhere else. I love spending time in the new Center for Technology, Innovation & Creativity, where so many resources for digital engineering and fabrication are available. This summer I had an opportunity to attend the International Summer Science School in Heidelberg, Germany. I investigated a deeper knowledge in science under the advisory of great faculty in an excellent research institute and interacted with many scholars and students from all over the world. Reserve has let me explore various subjects, open up my potential, and has helped me develop as a person.

Leo '17 | Moreland Hills, Ohio
I was drawn to WRA because of its academic rigor, close faculty relationships, and sports teams. I have been able to follow my passions at WRA by being a leader in Earth Initiative and the Young Democrats Club as well as participating in numerous Model United Nations conferences. I also enjoy playing Varsity Ice Hockey and Golf. This year, through my involvement in WRA’s new Compass Program, I am developing a virtual business incubator for the school and starting my own limited edition, vintage bow tie business as a pilot program.

MacKenzie '17 | Wadsworth, Ohio
Reserve has been a part of my life for many years. My mom and brother are both alumni of the school, which means I’ve been going to sporting events, visiting campus and hearing stories about the school from a young age. I knew Reserve was a place I would consider for high school, but I had no idea what it was like. It was not until my shadow day that I realized this was the place I wanted to spend my high school years. The student body is outgoing and compassionate. The classes are small and the teachers are approachable. The sense of community combined with the beautiful campus setting makes Reserve one of a kind. Over the years, I have been a member of the girls’ varsity tennis team as well as a manager for the boys’ varsity tennis team. I enjoy participating in the fall and spring dance performances as well as serving as a prefect in the dorm. This fall, I am also in the musical. I am thankful for my Reserve experience that has helped me grow into the person I am today.

Max '17 | Canton, Ohio

Coming to my visit day at WRA as an eighth grader from a giant public school, I had no idea what to expect. The very second that my parents and I rolled up to the lawn's wide sweep I felt a connection. From that moment on, there was no turning back. Since enrolling at WRA, I have learned things about the world that have made me a much more open-minded person. Playing sports and joining clubs has helped me to build friendships that will last a lifetime and experiences that will guide me through life's toughest obstacles. Participating in the WRA dance program has taken me out of my comfort zone and helped me discover a new hobby. As a boarder and a prefect, I have gained a level of maturity well beyond most kids my age. The community at Reserve has been the most welcoming and supportive group of people that I have ever come to know. With this experience comes lifelong connections, skills necessary to succeed and vast opportunities that set Western Reserve Academy apart from all other high schools.
I am proud to call WRA home.

Megan '17 | Hong Kong
After my freshman and sophomore year in Hong Kong, I knew that I wanted to try something new. I decided to take a big step across the ocean and start a new chapter of my life at Reserve, without any previous connections or the slightest idea of what to expect. I was thrilled when I found out how nice Reserve is ‒‒ everyone is friendly and supportive on this beautiful campus. My favorite thing at WRA is the close relationship between teachers and students. The faculty are more than just our teachers, advisors or college counselors. Apart from the faculty, the support from my friends also encourages me to be a better version of myself. Being a Pioneer is more than just academic rigor. Reserve provides us with all sorts of opportunities to help us leave our comfort zone and to explore our true potential. Even though I am a swimmer, I still get the chance to join the fall musical! The vibe Reserve gives off is truly incomparable to other schools and without the help from all the faculty and students, I would not be shaped into the person I am today. I am proud to be a Pioneer and call Reserve my second home.

Michael '17 | Hudson, Ohio
Coming to Reserve as a freshman, I was not quite sure what to expect. Something I feared most was whether or not I would be able to fit in. However, after getting used to the many nuances that WRA offers, I had no problem making friends and learning how to become a good student and grow as a person. WRA offers many opportunities for anyone to be accepted and fit in. It is a place where everyone has respect for each other. WRA has helped me grow by teaching me skills such as time management and balancing academics, athletics and a social life. The welcoming atmosphere and many opportunities WRA offers is what sets it apart from other schools, and it is a place where anyone can thrive.

Nels '17 | Kirkland, Washington
I found out about Western Reserve Academy from my father who attended WRA. Since I have been here I have only had great experiences and created even better relationships with both students and faculty. I found WRA to be a close family of local, national and international members. When I first arrived I became fully aware that Reserve is more than just a place of learning, but a community of friends and relatives.

Nita '18 | Macedonia, Ohio
When I was first applying to high schools, Reserve was not on my list. I ended up shadowing because many of my friends and their families had so many good stories to tell about the school. I came to campus with no expectations, but by the end of the day I knew that Western Reserve Academy was the place for me. My transition into high school was extremely easy and fun at times. Teachers and advisors constantly push you to step out of your comfort zone in order to help you expand your horizons and figure out what you truly love to do. It is because of this encouragement that WRA will always be a part of my life and has helped me become the person I am today.

Olivia '17 | Aurora, Ohio
There was never a doubt in my mind that I would attend Western Reserve Academy. After my sister began attending WRA, she became more confident and developed valuable academic and social skills. Knowing that I could use a push in both aptitudes, WRA drew me in. Not only does this vibrant community provide remarkable intellectual exposure and a great platform for the arts, it also pushes me to face challenges with the support of my peers. Interning at Case Western Reserve University for genetic research and being Editor-in-Chief for the Reserve Record are just two of the many memorable opportunities I found at Reserve. During my experience here, I have met students with diverse backgrounds and built relationships that will impact me for the rest of my life.

Paul '17 | Canton, Ohio
After nine members of my family attended Western Reserve Academy, I decided to give it a try. Initially I was hesitant to join the community, but after seeing the campus and student life I knew Western Reserve Academy was the right fit for me. WRA has enabled me to go out of my comfort zone and challenge myself every day. I consider WRA as my “home away from home” and a place I feel comfortable expressing who I am. I have made friendships with kids from all over the world that continue to grow within WRA’s community. The experiences and opportunities I have had at WRA will never be forgotten.

Peter '18 | Hudson, Ohio
WRA has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember (my mom works at the John D. Ong Library). It was not until my shadow day that I realized I wanted to join the Reserve community. Here, I am surrounded by passionate, engaged teachers and students who want to learn and challenge themselves. The tight-knit community and small class sizes have given me the confidence to move beyond my comfort zone. I have tried new sports, joined clubs I never knew existed and even campaigned for (and won) a class elected office. I have made friends from around the world not only through the active and visible international student community, but also when I studied as an exchange student in Germany. Through many activities and opportunities here, I was able to program and design a video game for the App Store, learn to fly a drone, play drums in two musicals, build and break bridges with the Model Bridge Building Club, and write music reviews and opinion pieces for the Reserve Record school newspaper. I love being a student at a school that does not end when classes are dismissed each day. The opportunity to get extra help from, or even spend time debating issues with, the faculty without leaving campus is one-of-a-kind. I can always find friends to study with or find a quiet place to read. The weekends have fun activities on and off campus. WRA has given me countless opportunities to grow my character, challenge my intellect and expand my worldview.

Tia '18 | Akron, Ohio
When I was a kid, I never thought I would end up at Western Reserve Academy. The overwhelming challenges that I heard I would face at Reserve daunted me. However, my whole perspective changed when my older brother started at Reserve in 2011. Everyone I met in the community was genuine, made me feel at home, and helped me understand what truly a special place WRA is. Now that I am here, I can say that the endless opportunities and supportive community of Reserve has helped shape the person who I am today. I have been encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. I have made meaningful connections with both my mentors and peers, who are always there to help me. And I have created countless memories with lifelong friends that I am sure will stick with me long after graduation.

Will '17 | Winnetka, Illinois
As a new junior, I was nervous about coming into a school experience like Reserve. The minute I arrived on campus that changed. Reserve has a sense of community like no other. Whether it is helping the new student move in or coming together at the basketball games in whatever theme the crowd is in that day, everyone stands together. Reserve has helped me make connections with people I never thought possible and has taught me to strive for excellence in whatever I pursue. I can be proud to say I am a student of Western Reserve Academy.

Zanna '17 | Hudson, Ohio
Growing up in Hudson, I always saw the beauty of Western Reserve Academy as I drove past. When it came time to choose a high school, I remember touring the campus and loving how different it was from the other schools I had seen. The historic buildings, connected atmosphere, and friendly students stood out and appealed to me. I knew Reserve would offer me opportunities and an education to prepare me for my future, and I couldn’t wait to be a Pioneer. In my time at Reserve, I have done things I never thought possible. I joined a musical, ran for student government and learned to play basketball. My accomplishments only happened because I had both my friends and teachers who supported me and wanted to see me succeed. Western Reserve Academy’s community has always helped me reach my goals and been my home. I hope when you tour here you feel the same sense of belonging that I first had and that you want to become a Western Reserve Academy Pioneer.

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