Student Testimonials

Hear from the experts — our Pioneers!

We could talk about how much we love the WIC for about as long as it takes to 3D-print a life-size model of the Chapel! But why hear from us when you can hear from our students? Take a look below to read students' perspectives, takeaways and many adventures from time spent in the WIC.

Mariah Davis '21

What are some of the projects you worked on or are currently working on in the WIC?

This module I'm taking Engineering and Fabrication, and my favorite project we worked on so far is the CNC Router VCarve sign, which allows you to take a design and carve or engrave it into wood. For this project I decided to spray paint it then, carve my name into it to put outside of my room.

How often do you stop by the WIC in a typical week? What draws you to the space?

I'm in the WIC whenever my schedule allows. For starters the space itself is beautiful, all around everyone's work is hung up and we even have a racing arcade game! I like that I can stop by whenever I want and make whatever I want, from a custom coffee mug for my mom, to posters for my room, or a crazy new t-shirt design I may have. I'm always able to do so in the WIC.

Favorite machine?

The dye sublimation printer or the poster printer!

Lee Frazer '21
Certified in the WIC for knowledge in 3D printing

Why did you decide to pursue certification?

My particular certificate shows my knowledge and understanding of today's 3D printing market. I chose to do this because of my interest in the engineering field, and I also think it could help me build my resume especially if I plan on entering the engineering field.

How often do you stop by the WIC in a typical week? What draws you to the space?

An environment where you can let your mind run wild.

Favorite machine?

3D Printers!

Angela Benzigar '22
Certified in the WIC as an Additive Manufacturing Associate

Why did you decide to pursue a certification?

Last year, during my sophomore year here at WRA, I was enrolled in Mr. Gerber’s 3D Modeling class, which was honestly pretty cool! Throughout the semester, we had the opportunity to learn about the different types of manufacturing processes and their practical applications. In between lessons, we were also following a textbook geared towards taking the Additive Manufacturing Exam. I ended up taking and passing the exam! This shows that I have knowledge of basic 3D principles and shows that I know how to operate the machinery properly etc. I thought the opportunity to be certified within 3D printing as a sophomore was pretty awesome! I’m also looking at doing some potential internships before my senior year; so, I think being certified would offer a helpful advantage.

What are some of the projects you worked on or are currently working on in the WIC?

This year, I took Mrs. Boesch's Service-Learning Engineering course, in which multiple groups were able to go down the WIC and work on building their prototypes. For example, my group and I worked on creating a practical solution, so students could use hand sanitizer without touching the bottle frequently. It was pretty cool to watch the prototype that we built in class become a reality in the WIC!

Additionally, during my freshman year, I was able to use the T-shirt printer and Iron to print out T-shirts to celebrate my math teacher’s birthday! Honestly, that’s an experience that you don’t get anywhere else, so I was extremely thankful for all the resources the WIC had to offer when it came to that project.

During 3D modeling, Mr. Gerber had given us the challenge to design a chocolate mold that could be used to create WRA chocolates given to people at the next open house event. During this project, we had done tons of research on efficiency as well as visually appealing design elements; finally, when it came time for the judging, Dr. Kent chose our design (along with another possible design) to be used at the next WRA Open House, and I honestly remember the rush of joy I felt seeing all of our hard work recognized!

How would you describe the WIC in ten words or less?

A space where creative minds are encouraged to pursue anything.

Aja Topps-Harjo '21

What are some of the projects you worked on or are currently working on in the WIC? Of these projects, which are you most proud of and why?

I am currently working on editing video footage together that I shot while I was studying abroad in France for my Digital Video Editing and Effects class. It'll be used as a commercial to promote the program! I was also a part of the first group of students to take Ms. Fritz’s Graphic Design class where I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. I had the opportunity in the class to pitch and create designs for Sips and Bites event in Hudson. In the same year, I took Mr. Gerber’s Digital Fabrication Capstone where I could use the resources of the WIC to produce a project. My project was to learn how to use SketchUp and create this virtual neighborhood. Over the course of a semester I created this virtual neighborhood exploring my passion for urban planning and design. I am so proud of this project because I could take control of every aspect of the process, and I learned what it takes to create something from scratch.

How would you describe the WIC in ten words or less?

A technologically advanced space with endless possibilities and incredible people

How often do you stop by the WIC in a typical week? If you're a frequent visitor, what draws you to space?

When I have a class in the WIC, I am in the space every day of the week. Otherwise, I try to come to the WIC every couple weeks to just make a T-shirt, use the laser printer, print a poster or just talk with Ms. Fritz. I am drawn into the space by the amazing people who work in the WIC that always make me laugh. Also the WIC is an incredible space to be creative and express yourself.

Favorite machine?

My favorite machine is the T-shirt printer because I have a small obsession with designing and creating graphic tees!