Spotlight Programs

Exclusive and unique opportunities beyond the traditional classroom

At Western Reserve Academy, our students have the chance to participate in our Spotlight Programs, which are exclusive, unique opportunities not available at other schools.

From our engaging ECHOs to immersive study abroad and exchange programs, and distinguished Beyond Reserve and Compass experiences that allow for career exploration, WRA students have the advantage of becoming global, thoughtful and professional individuals while still in high school.

A true Pioneer goes beyond. They are the pathfinders, the explorers, the trailblazers. Pioneers step off their home base, into unfamiliar territory, and go further than what is expected of them. Our program opportunities create points of distinction for our students. But just as important, our opportunities often change their lives.

- John Gordon, Director of Programs

Giving students these opportunities to grow, explore and learn outside of the traditional school day is what makes the WRA experience unique and transformative.

Spotlight Programs
These programs exist as a complement to the daily curriculum. They may take place on a Friday evening, Saturday morning or throughout the school year as Pioneers come together to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.


ECHOs are the equivalent of college electives.

Seminars and Service

Tackling topics of relevance and affecting change.


Exchange programs, service and study abroad take our students around the globe, including recent destinations like China, Guatemala, France and Italy.