Saturday Academy

Immersive learning experiences

WRA's Saturday Academy sets us apart from other day and boarding schools, providing meaningful and topical learning experiences beyond the traditional school day. Saturdays have long been another class day at Reserve, but in 2012 Saturday Academy was formed, adding another point of distinction to our curriculum.

Saturday Academy is a seminar and module-based program that supports the transformational experience of a WRA education through academic ECHO Modules and yearlong class seminars.

Saturday Academy creates innovative opportunities for expansive educational goals, including interdisciplinary studies, extended classes and collaborative experiences that extend, enrich and support student learning.

- Christopher D. Burner '80, Head of School

ECHO Modules

ECHO modules provide students with the opportunity to discover a new passion or pursue an area of academic aptitude in depth. The diverse offerings reflect the broad interests and expertise of WRA faculty. Students enroll in two modules per year, and modules occur in six-week trimesters that align with WRA's athletic seasons.

Here is an example of recent ECHOs:

  • Forensic Science Technology
  • Ice Cream: History, Production and Marketing
  • Intro to Digital Fabrication and Entrepreneurship
  • Music and Politics: Music of the Revolution
  • Native American Culture and Shamanism: Living with Nature
  • Race, Gender and Class
  • The Chemistry of Cooking
  • The Legacy of Title IX
  • A Study of Sherlock Holmes

Class Seminars

Class Seminars are designed to address important, age appropriate topics under the umbrella of wellness. For the 2016-2017 school year, grade-level topics are:

  • Freshmen: Social Equity and Justice | The freshman program is designed to raise diversity awareness within our student body; to encourage students to understand the challenges facing our communities; and to act responsibly in response to those challenges.
  • Sophomores: Health | The sophomore program is designed to raise health awareness within our student body; to encourage students individually to learn the best ways to care for their health through mature decision making and prevention; to understand risks with certain behaviors; and to know when to reach out for help for themselves or to seek help for others.
  • Juniors: College Counseling | In lieu of attending Class Seminars, juniors spend time working with the College Counseling Office.
  • Seniors: Health and Financial Literacy | The majority of this program revisits topics first encountered in sophomore Class Seminars with increased sophistication. The final senior Class Seminar in May turns toward the topic of financial literacy, specifically with regard to money management in college.

For more information about Saturday Academy, contact Class Seminar Coordinator Sasha Maseelall or ECHO Coordinator Michael Bonomo.

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