Saturday Academy

Immersive learning experiences

WRA's Saturday Academy sets us apart from other day and boarding schools, providing meaningful and topical learning experiences beyond the traditional school day. Historically, Saturdays were another class day at Reserve, but in 2012, Saturday Academy was formed.

Saturday Academy is a seminar- and module-based program that supports the transformational experience of a WRA education through academic ECHO Modules and yearlong class seminars.

Saturday Academy creates innovative opportunities for expansive educational goals, including interdisciplinary studies, extended classes and collaborative experiences that extend, enrich and support student learning.

- Christopher D. Burner '80, Head of School

ECHO Modules

ECHO modules are often described as Reserve's version of college electives and dive into subject matter not often found in the traditional high school classroom. ECHO modules allow our students to perhaps discover a new passion or pursue an area of academic aptitude in depth — while also reflecting the broad interests and expertise of WRA faculty. Students enroll in two modules per year, and modules occur in six-week trimesters that align with WRA's athletic seasons.

Here is an example of recent ECHOs:

  • Ice Cream: History, Production and Marketing
  • Urban Planning and Placemaking: Rethinking the City
  • ∞: Proof, Paradox, and Perpetuations of Mathematical Infinity
  • Rock n' Soc: Using Popular Music to Think Theoretically
  • Philosopher and Madman: The Life and Thought of Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Introductory Robotics

Class Seminars

Class Seminars are designed to address important, age-appropriate topics under the umbrella of wellness. Each year, we host separate seminars for each grade level. Sample topics include CPR training, LGBTQ awareness and service learning.

For more information about Saturday Academy, contact Class Seminar Coordinator Sasha Maseelall or ECHO Coordinator Michael Bonomo.